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DescriptionDenis Rizzo a.k.a. Luky Svit from William Higgins and BelAmi

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I’d Put My Raw Cock In That. Denis Rizzo? Hell Yeah!

*My new twink crush…

Denis Rizzo is pretty much my newest crush this week, and before you say “what the fuck Otter?” I already know, he’s a twink. Now, every once and a while I like to take a break from my muscled, furred, horse hung, manly men, and take a dip in the young, supple, smooth, greedy bubble butt of clean shaven twink boy toy. Perhaps it’s their insatiable love of attempting to push their gag reflexes to the limit on a man’s cock, or maybe they’ve just discovered the joy of getting their hole plundered by slicked up flesh rod that is hard as steel and hotter than molten lava (well it’s going to spew bucket loads of white lava up their ass as it is). So yes, every time and again I find myself seduced by a twink, as long as he doesn’t whine, doesn’t talk, and can take every fucking inch of me balls deep we’re good to go!

So what gets me going about this Denis boy you might be asking? First off take a look at him. He’s got a youthful, classically handsome face that you just know he is going to age into quite well. Yeah… so? Here take another look. Right there, see that nubile body. Fresh, lean, nicely developed without single hair. Yeah, that’s what’s going on. Denis is the kind of guy you might see out for a morning run sporting a pair of gym shorts you just want to rip off and immediately go down on him before picking him up and throwing him on the bed, floor, kitchen counter, hood of a car, back of a truck, down on the grass, against a wall, against a tree, bent over a fence, up against a chain link fence, in restroom stall, in a fitting room, and having your way with him…

Ok you get the picture. He’s small enough to pick up too, and who doesn’t love a bottom you can pick up and use like a Flesh Light? Moving on, we will notice Denis’ delectable derrier; high, tight, clean and smooth, it’s the kind of ass you can really get your tongue into. Imagine lapping away at that puckered little starfish; feeling Denis’ body turn to putty as you work him into a spit lubed frenzy until he just can’t take it anymore. Make sure to save some spit to stroke his beautiful uncut Czech cock while you’re at it, he’s all yours.

Oh, so now you’re getting hard are you; thought so. Is there anything else we need to know about Denis Rizzo? Oh yeah, he loves getting fucked raw. Get this boys hole nice and wet and slide your manhood right in, there’s nothing like breeding a twink who can barely handle, but can’t resist your dick buried deep inside of him threatening to fill him up with steaming spunk with… every… single… ass stretching… pump. Yeah he’s a dirty young pup with a shock of hair you just want to pull while thrusting in and out of that vice-like asshole of his.

Is your dick leaking pre cum yet? I bet it is, you better pull down those pants because Denis isn’t done yet. Now while using a twink for your own pleasure one doesn’t always need to worry about getting his plaything off, these boys love getting fucked, and generally stay rock hard throughout your plowing session; you’re hitting all the right spots with your throbbing cock as it is. All the while his hole has your most precious organ in a choke hold of orgasm inducing ecstasy. You know you’re getting close to draining your balls deep inside, keep on pumping because after you seed his sloppy hole he ain’t done yet; this boy is going to keep you hard while that spunk has turned to lube before he himself unleashes a fresh batch of joy juice all over his quivering youthful body. Sweaty, satiated, stinking of sex you pull up your jogging shorts, lick up some of the lean stud’s semen and spit it in his mouth as he lies there, used, satisfied, and full of cum.

You’re welcome.

“Anges Et Demons”

So now do you understand why I’m crushing on Denis Rizzo? Good. Because now I’m going to tell you a little bit about his scene with George Roy in “Anges Et Demons” from Clair Productions and directed by Stephane Mousse. So I can understand a tiny bit of French, but this a porn so it doesn’t really matter. George is a handsome guy, probably in his late thirties, maybe early forties chillin at his work desk when he calls in Denis to his office. I’m not really that into George but as soon as Denis walks into the room my dick is at full attention. The little cutie wastes no time releasing George’s ample ( I will give him this, he’s got a GREAT cock) uncut, redwood sized Euro dick from his trousers, immediately opening as wide as his mouth allows to get as much man meat in his mouth as he can, which by the way, he cannot get all the way down on this monster. The sucking and hand job that ensue are pretty hot as Denis works George’s engorged organ and smooth suckable balls with gusto. This boy loves sliding his tongue up and down his partner’s meaty shaft and pays close attention to George’s delectable foreskin and swollen glands of the head.

The tables turn quickly however as George strips his boy toy of his bright yellow tee and busted up jeans and positions him on the frosted glass desk displaying Denis’ tight little pucker before diving in with his pierced tongue, furiously rimming the boy into submission. I know I wouldn’t mind getting Denis good and ready for my rigid pole either at this point.

You can really tell the twink is loving the attention his ass is getting, and it’s about to get even more “in depth” if you will. Bent over the desk (Which really shows off Denis’ legs, and holy hell are they nice. What? I’ve got a thing for legs.) George doesn’t even bother with gently easing himself into that glorious boy tunnel, nope he just pumps in and all the way out over and over as Denis tenses in pleasure. I can only imagine how good his warm, wet hole would feel on my condomless cock. Sigh…

*Spoiler alert! Unfortunately we never get to see Denis fucked  while on his back in this scene – sad face. Nice studio stills!

With balls slapping and groans and moans of ecstasy George continues his onslaught with his fleshy sword, driving deeper and deeper into his boy. Back on the table Denis lies back as George simultaneously jerks both of their uncircumcised beasts, in a great shot that really shows off their foreskin, before George himself goes down on Denis, and it was far less enthusiastic…

C’mon man, I would had that piece right down my gullet, had my tongue swirling around inside the hood of his fantastic uncut prick, AND I’ve had that thing so sloppy and slippery while I face fucked him myself; hell I’d have let him shoot his salty fucking load down my god damn throat if he wanted… Some people have no manners

For the finale’ we have Denis jerking his exquisite dick in George’s office chair as George himself stand’s above working his own tool. Denis is the first to unleash his boy goo onto his taught, flat, flawless stomach followed by George’s own splattering of thick cum on his toy. Not exactly the way I would have ended things… I mean really, I’d have had Denis all over that office for a hell of a lot longer (and in a hell of a lot more positions) before blowing a massive load of spunk straight up his worn out hole; and I would have kept fucking my load into him until his balls were completely drained of all their creamy goodness… But that’s just me.

Make sure to check out Denis Rizzo in “Anges Et Demons” right here on GayHotMovies.com. I know I’m goin to be following this nasty puppy myself, that is until I find a new crush!" (blog.gaymovies.com/hot-star/id-put-my-raw-cock-in-that-denis-rizzo-hell-yeah/)
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