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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-07-30 |

Director: Chi Chi LaRue
Starring: Jason Ridge, Eddie Stone, Cody Scott, Andel, Justin Wells, Todd Winters, Toby O'Conner, Sean West

Product Description
Todd and Andel enter the locker room naked and then proceed to ritualistically (tantalizingly) get dressed, donning their macho football gear: jockstraps, pads, tights, helmets. Rarely has a scene of two gorgeously physiqued dudes getting suited up been so teasingly hot, mainly because Todd and Andel probably started tearing off each other`s gear the very instant they finished putting it on!After their not-so-grueling practice, we watch Todd and Andel ritualistically head butt and pound each other`s shoulder pads in a mannish fashion... and then spank and grope each others` asses, also in a mannish fashion, but with considerably more demonstrable homo-lust. They make out feverishly and bump and grind against each others` stiffening jock bulges and then simulate doggie-style ass-fucking and obedient-bitchboy cocksucking, while still wearing their tights.Some hole-probing with tasty fingers ensues, and both guys perform deep-gag favors on each other`s sturdy, mouth-watering meat. Todd t
Miss Chi Chi�s final XXX-travaganza for 2003 is a sporting-themed fiesta of beautiful jocks with sensational cocks. Be sure to keep your Powerade handy; you just might be parched from dehydration by the end of this one. A fun sports-themed romp...the football, wrestling, soccer and swimming togs are as much characters as the hunky cast members, and this fetishistic touch adds a lot of spice to the sex.

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