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Staxus - SauVage - Stand To Attention

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DescriptionStand To Attention

Release date: 28/03/2014
Running Time: 100 minutes
Studio: SauVage - Staxus
Director: John Smith

Actors: Tim Law, Kris Wallace, Benjamin Dunn, Boris Orla, Jason Mike, Sven Laarson, Jace Reed, Yuri Adamov, Jaro Stone


Stand by your beds, boys! A collection of the hottest, horniest members of the military has assembled for a wild, spunk-fuelled fuck-fest that’s gonna get you shooting time and time again. From banging the new recruit to hitting it off with your brother-in-arms en-route to manoeuvres, this horny regiment is quite simply aching for cock – and they’re aching to show you! Tim Law, Kris Wallace and STAXUS exclusive, James Stone, lead a host of khaki-donning, ball-busting fuckers who are primed for the discharge of their lives!

Scene 1 •

It’s been the same since the Great War – maybe even before that. Young men taking themselves to the army recruitment office to sign up for what’s promised to be the “great adventure” of battle! Only in young Tim Law’s case, it’s not so much armed conflict that recruiting officers Boris Orla and Jace Reed have in mind as a wanton session of cock-sucking and ass-fucking! Indeed, the only weapons that Law is likely to encounter are the two meaty knobs stuffed inside the army guys’ khaki trousers! Not that a boy like Law’s gonna complain. Having expressed his initial reservation about being ordered to strip, he’s soon coming to terms with the rigours of army life when presented with the pent-up libidos of Reed and Orla. Not that a couple of thick, swollen dicks are ever likely to throw a fellow of Law’s constitution. As anyone who’s seen him in action before can testify, here’s a guy who quite literally lives for the next fat cock, and it’s no surprise that he’s soon opening his mouth and parting his legs for every meaty inch that the army recruiters can thrust his way! The ultimate recruitment test, however, is yet to come. Having manfully handled the probing attentions of his “interviewers” – including a rigorous assault on his rear from Reed’s monster-sized ramrod! – the lad finds himself taking both the recruiters’ dicks up his ass at the same time. Needless to report, it’s an assault that you’re gonna love to watch almost as much as Law enjoys receiving; culminating in the twink’s face getting splattered in goo. As the regiment’s fuck-boy, Law’s a definite shoo-in!

Scene 2 •

Are they a pair of soldiers heading back to base? Or are they on the run, having gone AWOL? To be fair it’s doubtful that you’ll care. What you will want to know, however, is that it doesn’t take long before Benjamin Dunn and Sven Laarson are allowing their physical attraction to each other to take the upper hand in proceedings. Indeed, once they’ve found seats on the train they’ve boarded and the inspector has passed through the carriage and punched their tickets, the two comrades-in-arms are immediately stripping out of their khaki and reaching for each other’s swollen dicks. Not that you’d ever really expect anything else of our boys, but if anything Dunn and Laarson are even more desperate than the average Czech lad and as such you’ll find they’re taking turns to suck cock even quicker than you might anticipate. Speed, it would seem, is the most important factor of the day, and as such it then shouldn’t surprise you that Laarson is soon grinding his slim, lithe body down onto Dunn’s achingly gorgeous. From that point onwards, the whole escapade is a veritable joy to watch, with the blond boy relishing every single inch that his buddy can thrust his way. Little wonder that the fellow is soon spewing out a fine wad of jizz as Dunn bangs away at his tight, hungry little ass-hole; before the top finally succumbs to the inevitable and ratchets a load all over Laarson’s lips. Army manoeuvres have rarely looked so attractive – with a negligent discharge on your part a seeming inevitability!

Scene 3 •

It’s a tradition, of course, that young recruits have to go through some kind of initiation, and when the recruit in question is as fucking gorgeous as young James Stone it’s only right and proper that it involves taking off your clothes and getting intimate with each other! Which is good news for Boris Orla and Kris Wallace, of course – and even better news for our band of hot, horny fans, who we know from past experience love nothing better than watching some sweet-faced innocent getting dirty with past masters. Not that the youngster gives any impression of being new to the game when presented with Wallace’s dick to play with. Rather he immediately begins to gobble on all that prime Polish meat like a would-be pro – a move that clearly encourages ring-leader Orla, as the trio abandon their drink for the kind of hard-hitting cock-worship that our guys have long-since been renowned for. For Wallace, however, it’s not long before all that exposure to hard, rampant meat is bringing the inner bitch to the fore, as he presents his ass-hole to his army buddies in the hope they’ll make their mark. Needless to say, it’s a move that doesn’t fail to encourage Stone and Orla, who are soon rimming and fingering that damn fine rosebud for all it’s worth; before proceeding to give Wallace exactly what he wanted from the start, namely a spit-roasting extravaganza that’ll have you jerking off for sure. It certainly has the desired effect on this dirty-minded threesome, with all three lads eagerly working out fine loads of pent-up jizz from their handsome, uncut knob-heads!

Scene 4 •

It takes a brave man to be a soldier, but it takes a real hero to put his life on the line in order to tackle the threat of an unexploded mine or grenade. So hats off to Jason Mike – a cool-headed officer, who single-mindedly puts the interests of self to one side in the opening moments of this exquisite scene. His reward, of course, is in part the knowledge that he did the right thing; but in this particular instance his heroics also lead to the discovery of Yuri Adamov, a young twink who’s...
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