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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-02-28 |
(description from the site angryyoungman.com)

You've been asking for it, but we never thought we'd catch it on our surveillance tapes. It's bad form for military guys to MASTURBATE on base, yet we've captured a couple of enlisted Marines BEATING THE MEAT like champions. THERE HE SAT... contains an hour of Spartan locker rooms, saunas & shower footage, plus the TOILET-CAM. With an EXTREME close-up lens, this little $2,000 Toshiba hi-res surveillance camera has been installed in the team-room head and aimed at the crotch of anyone parked there. Several sturdy Marines come in for a few minutes of morning meditation on the toilet. Then, one mesomorphic young wrestler with a FAT, WEAPON-LIKE TOOL and HEAVY TESTICLES cleans his pipes just before wrestling practice. After a couple of false starts, he actually JERKS OFF to a fistful of liquor-store porno magazines that he's smuggled in under his warm-up sweats. Several minutes later he dumps a THICK, WHITE WAD OF MARINE CORPS MANSPERM right on the floor.
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