Taylor Greene

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DescriptionTaylor Greene is a man with a lot on his plate. When his cells and DNA are not evolving due to some planetary alignment, he keeps his mind busy with various business interests and applied quantum physics. Porn is an extension of his adult modeling that gives him time and money to pursue all these other passions. It has the added benefit of allowing him to explore his sexuality and contribute to his own sexual liberation and that of others. Although he has yet to have an enlightening sexual experience (probably requires another planetary alignment), he has had liberating ones. He has gotten into S&M and role play (the mind boggles at what roles those might be). One of his best partners was able to show him both dominant and submissive sides. Although Taylor has mostly done his explorations with women, it sounds like he might be open to exploring other avenues as well. Not withstanding his DNA evolution, Taylor sports a pretty hot body as he peels off his button down shirt, to reveal six pack abs and a bevy of tats that go nicely with his man bun. He slides his hands down and starts working over the bulge in his pants, until he needs to unbuckle his pants for more room. He whips out his swelling cock and takes nice long strokes at it. A little more spit, and he has it sliding through his clenched man paw like a hot greasy bratwurst. He drops his trousers down to his ankles to show off his cum filled nut sack. Soon, his rod is standing tall and hard. He grabs his balls while he works over his cock with his other hand. Soon he starts grinding his hips as he fucks his palm. Then he jumps ot his knees and shows off his hairy chest and treasure trail. His ass cheeks are clenched tight as he works his man meat. He edges himself closer and then lets his hard cock hang in the air for a moment before going at it some more. He drops back down onto the sofa and starts grinding his cock harder, switching off hands. His piercing blue eyes start to roll back in his head. Then he starts pounding at his cock until his hips rise off the sofa, and he oozes hot cum like lava before collapsing back onto the sofa.
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