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Once again, if this is your first Plain Wrapped title - be afraid, be very afraid. You have no idea what you are in for. But calm your fears, because the best Master is also the kindest and will always treat you with respect. In other words - this is Extreme Assplay with Attitude that’ll make your jaw drop, your hair curl, your flies fly open and your dreams come true.

If you’ve been here before, welcome back old friend. We’re in Plain Wrapped’s generic dungeon setting. We all know the rules: wipe your feet on the way in and keep those fingernails short. Enough with the insanity; let’s leave that for the performers. Enjoy this trip. And it is a trip.

We start with ‘Big Daddy’ Buck Hammer tearing a strip or two off slave Hood who is too tongue-tied and intimidated to even think straight. You would be too, as Hammer comes across like a crazed wind-up toy that never stops. Hood loves every second of his torture and Hammer has a mouth that would make a demon-possessed Linda Blair blush.

There’s no stopping the inventive mind of this leather clad Texan and I’ve taken copious notes for research purposes. Bluto in a harness has his boots licked shiny by Hood who can’t bring himself to say anything other than “Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.” As a final indignity Slaveboy is forced to wear a full mask with only a mouth hole, before Daddy leashes his and takes his new puppy for walkies. We’ll catch up with them later.

Elsewhere sex-god Jay stalks the corridors. Desperate to catch his eye is blonde-hair blue-eyed Rider. He’s not as angelic as he first appears though, and you soon realize he’s not actually sat on a bench, rather he’s impaled on two foot tall mega butt plug that’s resting on top of it. Welcome to Plain Wrapped World! After successfully getting Jay’s attention he gets to work sucking the hairy stud’s pierced prick. Once he starts he doesn’t stop and foulmouthed Jay loves the attention.

Daddy has led his puppydog to the sling-room where he lovingly proceeds to dilate Hood’s ass as far as is humanly possible with the usual array of immense dildos. (Is there already a record set? Call Guinness!) Daddy is a brute but cares for his slave’s welfare and there’s a lot of trust on show. Up goes his entire hand, working Hood into a frenzy whilst passionately kissing his Master.

Hairy cutie Evrett is allowed to join in and sixty-nines Hood whilst Daddy prepares a treat. He produces a gargantuan black dildo, gets Evrett to saliva it up then shoves it all the way up Hood’s rectum all in one smooth movement. Evrett takes over the dildo fucking duties whilst the hooded Hood receives some truly vicious spanks from Big Daddy.

Evrett takes both their fists (Slave’s reward!) whilst Jay saddles up Rider in the background. A “to the elbow” fisting race ensues and after a nail-biting time we find the winners are Jay and Rider. You’ll wonder where Jay’s arm has gone as he punch-fucks his way through Riders body. One sneeze and Jay could have lost his limb for good. Daddy goes for the two handed approach on Evrett, Hood holding his legs apart to make his Master’s job easier. Evrett is forced to shoot over Hood’s face before licking it off.

Be prepared as we enter a great, great scene. It’s a Clash of the Titans as Jay and is thrown onto a sling by Big Daddy. I’m wondering if anyone is gonna leave the room alive, as short-tempered Daddy is already forcing a huge toy up the notorious bully-bottomed Jay. They just keep getting bigger until Daddy almost causes him to prolapse. A quick finger plops everything back where it should be.

There’s a fun sequence where slave Hood (whose Master is busy elsewhere) gets to give rather than receive, forcing his attentions (and arms) on Rider. He proves that the old maxim “two hands are better than one” still rings true in a short but sweet scene.

Finally there’s a dueling sequence that’s even more fun to watch than the ‘Dueling Banjos’ scene in Deliverance, as both Jay and Daddy take turns squealing like pigs as they force their way onto three foot traffic-cone sized dildos. Who will be able to swallow it all first? I’m leaving that as a surprise, but you’ll love the winner’s victory dance!
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