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[falcon] - Cowboys Riding Raw

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Description"Bareback Cowboys Riding Raw features six smoldering bareback scenes featuring hot, hard riding cowboys working their horse-dicks in the great outdoors. With icons of Gay Erotica from the 70's and 80's including Bob Bishop, Lee Ryder, Barry, Ed Wiley, Rod Phillips, Joe Markum, Clint Ely, Hal Drake and Bert Edwards. Settle into your saddle, sit back and watch these wild wranglers suck, fuck and ride their mounts into a thick manly lather. No erotic collection is complete without this prime selection of digitally remastered film footage. These classic scenes have never looked better and you won't want to miss a moment of these wild, wild rides.

Scene One from Johnny Harden & The Champs
Featuring Clint Ely and Hal Drake
The wind, the sun, the sound of the surf and the galloping motion sends a excitement through Clint Ely's loins. A gigantic sexual sensation fills his crotch as his cock and balls pound against the hard saddle. He looks at Hal Drake hungrily, aching to release the fierce desire within him. He wants Hal, he wants to feel and taste the salty heat of his muscular body, he wants to feel his huge cock inside him and he wants to know that he can satisfy Hal's manly needs. no matter what they are, just as others had satisfied him. Watch and see what happens.

Scene Two from Winner Takes All
Featuring Lee Ryder, Rod Phillips and Mark Hunter
Rod Phillips, Lee Ryder and Mark Hunter are all out riding horses and decide to take a much needed break. It isn't long before Lee Ryder is putting the moves on Rod Phillips. Mark Hunter just stands at the sides watching before coming to his senses and joining in making a hot threesome.

Scene Three from Hayride
Featuring Bob Bishop and Barry
Man-boy Bob Bishop and man's-man Barry together in this truly classic encounter of innocent willingness and willful lust. Bob's a summer farmhand and much tattooed, mustachioed, burly blond Barry is an old hand at butt-packing shenanigans behind the barn and up in the hay loft. Seeing gym-perfect Bishop's gorgeous ass getting plugged by that he-man's horse cock is well worth the price of several admissions.

Scene Four from The New Breed
Featuring Tony Calhoun and Tex
Halfbreed Tex discovers Tony Calhoun camping alone on the edge of his peoples' reservation. The horny stud brave wastes no time in letting the blond college jock know he's going to have to settle up for trespassing.

Scene Five from Round Up
Featuring Joe Markum, Bert Edwards and the Christy Twins
The opening is a prosaic montage of ranch hands at work. One hunk brushes a horse, another moves firewood, and another tries to wrangle a stallion. One of the men envisions his comrade working in the nude, his sun and sweat drenched body seems the essence of masculinity. He's part the wild expanse of nature, the heaving power of the horses. Without so much as a dissolve, two of the men begin kissing. A third joins them but soon leaves to grab the ranch foreman. He drags the boss over to the two horny hotties and holds his arms behind his head. The young'uns strip him down and devour his dick. They all undress, except for their cowboy hats, and writhe around in a blur of flesh. One of the ranch hands parks his ass on the boss' face and another makes him swallow cock. At one point, the four are backlit by the sun as one detached dick shoots a slo-mo stream of spunk into an open mouth. Even though it becomes increasingly difficult to know who exactly is doing what to whom, there are plenty of hot moments to
savor in this scene.

Scene Six from Ramcharger
Featuring Ed Wiley and Bob Bishop
After hours on the road in the big Peterbilt, Ed Wiley looks forward to the fast, free spirit of his Ramcharger. Taking the smaller truck into the open country in sear of some new adventure is Ed's way of unwinding after a long trip. When he meets muscular Bob Bishop at a truck stop, Ed feels the ache of desire fill him. He challenges Bob to a race through the desert. Amid the dunes, Ed grabs Bob's tight round ass. He eases Bob's face down to his huge pounding cock, feeling it fill bob's mouth and throat. Bob instinctively senses Ed's lust...and feels Ed spreads Bob's ass and eats his hole...warming it for the the fucking to follow... resulting in both men releasing the gushing pressure of their heavy loads."

Cast:  Barry, Bert Edwards, Bob Bishop, Clint Ely, Ed Wiley, Hal Drake, Joe Markham, Lee Ryder, Mark Hunter, Rod Phillips, Tex Anthony, The Christy Twins, Tony Calhoun

Director:  Al Parker, Bill Clayton

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