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From the press notes, courtesy of Studio 2000 International:
"Studio 2000 International’s genius auteur Roland Dane takes you into the ring with a crew of the most breath-defyingly beautiful boxers you’ll ever see for his latest masterwork, The Boy Has Balls.

Shot on location in the gyms of Budapest, The Boy Has Balls stars ever-sublime Spanish stallion Jose Ganetti as a rising star prizefighter - and the boy in question with balls full of sweet cum that needs to be shot! With his lithe olive-skinned physique, deep cocoa-brown eyes and rich, full lips (not to mention one of the world’s warmest and most achingly lovely smiles), this is a role Ganetti was born to play: a wet dream come true for anyone’s who ever fantasized about seeing a lean young Latin boxer get fucked.

As The Boy Has Balls opens, George Caesar is spotting our succulent Spaniard, Jose Ganetti, on a punching bag, while Peter Balogh coaches sparring studs Daniel Halasz and Giovanni Floretto. After giving Halasz and Floretto a few pointers, Balogh excuses them, but tells Ganetti and Caesar to keep going to build their stamina for the championship. Your heart will already be racing as the lean and ravishing Ganetti dances and jabs with the skill of an accomplished fighter. Caesar compliments Ganetti’s right hook, and boasts that only he himself can beat Ganetti in the ring. Ganetti scoffs at the claim, but admits he’d rather take Caesar on in bed!

Both agree that fucking and sucking are better for building stamina than boxing any day, and in no time Ganetti has his luscious lips wrapped around Caesar’s juicy uncut cock, before Caesar returns the favor in a scorching 69. Ganetti bends over and holds onto the punching bag to offer his incomparably exquisite ass up for an endlessly enticing rim job and a rough fingerbanging from Caesar! With Ganetti’s beautiful pucker quivering to be plugged, Caesar drives his cock in for a fierce standing-doggie fuck before Ganetti takes a relatively rare turn as topman and pistons sidesaddle into the ultra-masculine Caesar. Caesar rides Ganetti’s pinga to explosive climax, driving Ganetti to soak his own beautifully cut abs in even more cock juice.

Meanwhile, in the locker room, Daniel Halasz and Giovanni Floretto are relaxing after their workout and talking about Ganetti’s prowess in the ring. With both studs sure that the boy has skills to go professional, Halasz beings to speculate on the life of a pro boxer: "Fancy cars, nice apartment and gorgeous women." When Floretto tells Halasz that Ganetti only craves cock, Halasz admits he’s been keeping the same secret about himself. Floretto tells him he shouldn’t have, because all of the mouthwatering studs in the gym have been fucking each other all along! But Floretto knows just to how catch the handsome Halasz up on all he’s been missing.

After tender kissing and caressing, Floretto kneels to hungrily deep-throat Halasz’s cock, until Halasz can’t wait another instant for a taste of Floretto’s thick rod. Halasz swallows Floretto’s dick with volcanic intensity, and pistons two probing fingers into the boy’s warm hole all the while! Halasz replaces his fingers with his cock for a hard-pounding sidesaddle fuck before Floretto takes control and impales himself on Halasz’s pole to ride it into breathless ecstasy. Floretto proves himself to be an astonishingly voracious bottom as he throws his legs over his head for Halasz to literally stand over him and plug his hole long and deep! Halasz finally fucks the cum out of Floretto doggie style and unleashes his own gusher all over the spent bottom’s luscious ass cheeks.

Later, coach Peter Balogh goes into a private strip club to meet his boss, dark and stunning young power broker Pal Tengeri, who’s enjoying the cock-throbbing sight of g-string-clad muscle studs Peter O’Farrell and Gabriel Kardos gyrating and stroking each other’s superbly sculpted frames in a giant cage. When Balogh sits down to confer, Tengeri asks if Ganetti will win the championship, because he’s wagered a small fortune on the fight. Balogh assures him that Ganetti is unbeatable in the ring, and certain for the title. Tengeri responds that if the lustful Latin does indeed win, Balogh will go with him to Germany as his pro trainer. Balogh thanks Tengeri, and excuses himself, leaving Tengeri free for a marathon fuck session with go-go gods O’Farrell and Kardos.

After Tengeri places a call to put more money on Ganetti's bout, he gestures O’Farrell and Kardos over. From there these three absolutely devour each other, as they roughly tangle tongues, chew nipples, and grope with unmistakable ardor, Tengeri gets forcefully stripped by O’Farrell and kneels to lap at both sweat-soaked studs’ thick cocks, and soon has the sublime Kardos bent over for a delectably thorough tongue-fucking that’ll have you salivating with envy! With Kardos’s exquisite hole primed with plenty of spit, O’Farrell and Tengeri give him a relentless tag-team ass and throat banging in every position possible, until Tengeri slams his cock into O’Farrell while the muscle god still has his meat buried to the hilt inside Kardos. Just when you think this blazing fuckfest couldn’t get any hotter, Tengeri takes a blissful ride on O’Farrell’s titanic tool, and gets drenched in his go-go boys’ colossal cum loads.

Back in the gym after the championship bout, Ganetti and George Caesar are sparring in one ring while captivating Robert Smiley (who incidentally has the devastatingly beautiful face of an Abercrombie innocent and a mouthwatering body that looks as if it could’ve been chiseled from marble) and butch James Jordan go rounds in another, and coach Peter Balogh looks on. Balogh calls the fighters over and congratulates Ganetti on winning the European Union Middleweight Title. Smiley wishes the champion well with an adorably sheepish grin, and Ganetti affectionately tells them he doesn’t know how to thank them for all their help and support.

Of course, Jordan and Smiley know what it’ll take to keep him from forgetting them: “Hot sex is always the best memory!” Smiley pulls Ganetti in to taste those juicy lips, setting the stage for a deliciously long suck session in which all five of these ultra-masculine studs get a mouthful of cock. Smiley soon pummels Ganetti’s hole in a merciless standing doggie fuck while Caesar pistons into Balogh, and both bottom boys fight for a taste of Jordan’s massive rod.

What happens next has to be seen to believed, and shows why director Dane is a master of the group fuck scene: Caesar climbs onto Ganetti’s cock while Ganetti breathlessly rides Jordan, for the film’s second ferocious fuck chain (only this one’s vertical). Meanwhile, Smiley slams sidesaddle into Balogh, but we soon see that that isn’t enough for power-bottom Balogh, as he throws his legs over his head for all four of his prized studs to gang-fuck him into gorgeous submission. This phenomenal fivesome ends with awe-inspiring splash shots all around.

You can virtually smell the sweat and testosterone as these stratospherically sexual, ultra-virile and just plain sublime pugilists fuck, suck, and rim each other in round after cum-blasting round, all led by Latin sex god Jose Ganetti! This beautiful Boy Has Balls enough to go cock to cock with all comers in and out of the ring.

It’s another fistful of Europe’s finest from director Roland Dane."
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