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CorbinFisher: Elijah Fucks Mario

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DescriptionWhen Mario joined us for his very first shoot (out at the rural, farm location) he hinted this day might come! Though straight, Mario came to CF knowing that if a guy was going to make some good money making videos, he’d eventually have to give some guy/guy action a shot. He’d considered that even before he came out to shoot for us, and made up his mind that he’d not only try things out, but also totally let loose, have as much fun as possible, and really do the best he could! That was evident when we saw him get into his very first bit of guy/guy action fucking Trey! It’s entirely evident here, too, as Mario gets fucked by Elijah and for the very first time ever!

The guys start out with some heavy, passionate kissing, and Mario even lets his tongue wander down Elijah’s chest to play with his nipples while their hands run all over one another’s bodies. Both of these guys have tight, smooth, defined builds so it’s a real treat seeing their bodies pressed up against each other as they kiss. Elijah wastes little time in getting Mario on to his back and peeling off his pants, grabbing Mario’s cock and sucking it down to the base. With Mario gasping and panting in response, Elijah slides his lips up and down Mario’s cock, working it over with his tongue until it’s glistening with spit.

All of that gets Mario pretty fired up, and he eagerly moves up to pull the last bits of Elijah’s clothes off so that Elijah’s hard dick can spring free. Mario quickly dives in to swallow it, taking as much of that dick down his throat as he can. We’re soon treated to the sight of Mario on his knees in front of Elijah, a hard dick pumping in and out of his mouth as he strokes his own cock. Hungry moans come from deep in Mario’s throat as Elijah fucks his mouth, and we can tell he’s insanely turned on by it all! Clearly, he’s having fun and really did leave all hang-ups behind when he decided to have sex with another guy for us! If the noises he makes while sucking Elijah aren’t proof enough, his response to Elijah’s rubbing both their cocks together is! Mario looks totally fascinated by having another hard dick pressed against his own, both being gripped and stroked by Elijah’s hand.

Mario’s not the first college stud to discover how great it can feel to get rimmed at CF, and he definitely won’t be the last! He is, however, one of the most appreciative it seems! As Elijah buries his tongue in Mario’s ass, Mario is loving every bit of it! Then, as Elijah starts to finger-fuck Mario’s spit-soaked hole, it’s clear Mario can hardly wait to feel a dick in him for the first time! Likewise, Elijah can’t wait to bury his hard cock in Mario’s virgin ass, teasing it with the tip of his dick before finally driving it in deep!

Literally bent in half on the bed, his legs up in the air and shoulders braced against the bed, Mario discovers how it feels to have a hard dick slide in to his ass, and he loves it! Elijah knows he can really go to down and fuck Mario however he wants, and he’s soon pumping in to him with a steady pace while sucking on his toes and getting moans and whimpers out of him with each thrust!

This has to be one of the loudest first times we’ve ever filmed as Mario grunts, gasps, moans and whimpers the entire time Elijah is fucking his hole. Pulling all the way out before plunging his dick back in, Elijah is really giving Mario’s hole a workout! Mario has his head twisted around so they can stare deeply in to each other’s eyes while they fuck, but soon Mario’s head is thrown back, his eyes closed tight and hard as he gets closer and closer to cumming! He looks down at his dick and soon sees himself spraying out a huge load while Elijah continues to pound his ass! Right away, Elijah then pulls out to cover Mario’s balls in his own load!

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