Airport security-Raco Rita Alex Stan

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DescriptionAlex Stan is interviewing Roco Rita in Airport Security. He has to inspect Roco’s bag for contraband and what he finds surprises him, a rubber mask and a metal hook as well as some nipple clamps. They are not illegal, but Alex decides that he must search Roco’s person as well. He moves him over to the face the wall and removes his shirt and then tells him to open his jeans. Alex pulls down Roco’s jeans and is mighty surprised to find that he has a huge erection in his underwear. He pulls the underwear down and let’s the big cock out. It is rock hard as Alex pushes Roco to his knees. Then Alex opens his own pants and releases his dick too. It is also rock hard and he insists that Roco sucks him. When Roco declines Alex grabs his head and slaps his cock against his face. Then he shoves his cock into Roco’s mouth and fucks his face. Roco has to suck on the throbbing cock and feels it slap on his face when Alex pulls it out. Alex really fucks his cock hard into Roco’s mouth, moaning with pleasure as he does so. Then he bends Roco over the desk to inspect his sexy ass. He spreads the cheeks to check the hole and shoves a finger deep inside. Roco moans as his hole is invaded. Then Alex gets completely naked too and returns to fingering that hot hole. He spanks the ass too and spits on the hole. He takes his night stick sand pushes it up against Roco’s hole, making him moan louder. Roco’s stiff dick is trapped down between his legs as his ass feels that nightstick pushing against it. Alex then positions himself and slams his throbbing cock deep into that ass. He fucks it hard and fast as Roco’s own cock throbs. He covers Roco’s moaning mouth as he fucks him as hard as he can. Alex moves Roco onto his knees on the floor and climbs back into that ass, pounding it as hard as he can. His rock hard cock really works the hole, stretching it wide. He turns Roco over, onto his back and continues to fuck him. Roco grabs his own cocka nd wanks it hard and fast as he takes Alex’s ramrod dick. With Alex still pounding his hole Roco dumps his hot juice all over his belly and up his chest. Alex continues to fuck that hot hole as Roco milks his cock dry of cum. Then Alex pulls out and dumps his creamy cum all over Roco as well. Then he sends him on his way.
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