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Anthony’s first shoot turned into Anthony’s weekend when a scheduled 1 and a half day shoot became 3 full days.  The chemistry between Anthony and I was instant as I spoke about in my Blog Post (Anthony Makes His Bones, Becomes a Made Man).  Two aggressive Italians, with strong minds and strong bodies, the perfect storm, who met and developed an instant bond.  It was only natural that we run with the momentum and extend the shoot; what resulted was hours of great film and photos, and the making of a new crew member and the start of something very interesting.

This is Part 1, Locker Room Blow Job; Pete’s Nose Bleed, with 2 bonus scenes. Anthony needed very little of my direction, once I told him to take charge he did.  What we got was a rough, hard-core locker room face fuck scene that was interrupted by Pete ending up with a nose bleed.

In The Pump Room..The film starts with Anthony in “The Pump Room”, a gym you might recognize from some previous random photos or clips but one that we have never filmed in before. Anthony had his first intro shoot with me here while Pete, our cock sucker on call from #62 cock Sucker Academy 2 and #63 Christmas Wish Pete gets plowed from both ends.  Pete was there mainly to assist me on the shoot, but ended up watching in awe of Anthony.  Anthony quickly picked up on the vibe that Pete was drooling over watching him get all sweaty and pumped during his shoot and took advantage of that.

Pete Gets Face Fucked, and Gets a Nose Bleed...During his workout Anthony would flex and pose for Pete and even had him come over to feel his biceps, massage his shoulders and lick sweat from his pecs and nipples.  But things really ramped up once Anthony was sweaty, pumped and ready for more.  That is when he took Pete into the Locker Room and order him to do everything from lick his sweaty armpits, to his biceps, even suck on his sweaty socks and smell his sneakers fresh from the gym floor.  Once Pete made it to his feet, you can see the animal aggression ramp up, it was then Anthony unleashed his Italian alpha-male aggression on Pete’s throat.

Bonus Boss Cam Footage (Boss Supreme)

No doubt about it, Anthony and I are definitely cut from the same cloth, he is new but with someone like me to groom him and bring it out of him the dominant aggression driven by his ego is obvious.  However, as you already know there can only be 1 Ultimate Alpha Male, 1 Supreme and that’s me The Boss. 

During Dinner that first night Anthony had more specific questions, especially about Boss Cams and what it meant to be The Boss’s Boy.  He used #85 Mind Fuck, Carlo Claims Danny to ask if I thought I could get in his head like that.  My answer, “I already am but you don’t know it yet.

Later that night, about 2 a.m. Anthony was happy to let me demonstrate by supreme Alpha Male power and feed him a Boss Load, some Brotein he asked for by name.  After that Anthony kicked back and cranked out another load realizing what happened.

This, #89 is Anthony’s Weekend Part 1, look for Part 2 when I am fully in his head and he gets, as he puts it “Carlo’d”; a mind blow life changing experience that will continue to unfold here film after film
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