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DescriptionThis is a request. It looks like a tape transfer. Although the thumbs are made from this file they look better than the movie is.

Cast:Hawk McAllister, Kurt Young, Steve O'Donnell, Shane Thomas, Steve Sax, Marcelo Reeves, Dax Kelly, Logan Reed,  (non-sex Jordan Young, Adam Wilde)

"This fluffy re-make of Falcon's 1993 film "Revenge" has Hawk McAllister as the bitchy hotel guest instead of Joey Stefano, and his come-uppance occurs in the first scene instead of the last as he's raped by pissed-off staffers Kurt Young and Steve O'Donnell. The scene starts slow, but once Young starts fucking McAllister like a piston and O'Donnell forces the slut to deep-throat him at light-speed, the sex is overpoweringly strong,. Watch for Young's 10-spurt cumshot that nails O'Donnell smack in his stomach!

Just as wonderful is the sex between waiter Sax and businessman Thomas, which starts out a bit slow as they trade blowjobs out by the pool but heats up considerably once they move indoors-Sax starts pumping Thomas' ass and jacking him off, and then they trade positions and continue their scorching tryst.

The movie's subplot - Kelly and Reed (as Vincent and Stefano) are lovers who decide to sleep with other people-finally gets under way when Kelly, kicked out by Reed, is hit on by Reeves. The vertically challenged Reeves is mismatched against Kelly, so the anal is a bit underplayed. The rimming and oral is NOT, though!

The finale is a bit wishy-washy: Sax fucks Reed in the lobby, but Sax isn't too erect and the scene is heavily edited. Admitted size-queen Reed, however, obviously loves blowing hung Sax, and he pops a big load over his relatively furry chest and abs. Its standard Jocks fare, but better than most films out there. Film purists beware: The sound in many scenes is awful.
Director: Lawrence David (Chi Chi LaRue)"

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PS As an experiment I created the torrent with another site's tracker. When I downloaded the posted tracker it had been rewritten with the tracker
I had read that this happened but it was a test because I tried the other way round on another site
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