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♺ Catalina - Big Guns (1987 High Quality)

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The old torrent for this is a fuzzy, low quality version and, since the movie is an all time vintage classic (they really don't make em like this, anymore!) it deserves a large, high quality torrent.  It looks great at 720x540 (better, I must admit, than its too pink on video sequel HOT RODS) so I hope you enjoy.

One of the all-time best, this William Higgins Classic started as an on-film production starring Jeff Stryker in 1986.  Higgins abandoned the production (the extant Stryker footage eventually found its way in THE LOOK and IN HOT PURSUIT, he does not appear in this) and resumed it the following year on videotape using both original cast members as well as new ones including the dazzling boy-next-door Kevin Williams making his feature debut.  The final film is a mix of film and videoptape.

The final scene is a tease/ cliff hanger that concludes in HOT RODS (also recently uploaded in high quality)

This is the one with the amazing paperboy scene between Kevin Wiles and monster dick Chad Douglas.  Anyone seeing little Kevin's asshole gaping while he's wearing his dock-siders will immediately be transported back to another era :-)

from the review:
"Big Guns is one everyone was chomping at the bit (and more) to own when DVD first hit. Glad to say the wait was more than worth it. The print, while a bit soft in spots due to its age and film stock, looks absolutely incredible. Get out that credit card - this is one you simply must see and must own. William Higgin's all-time top-selling feature (and shot on actual film, too) is still incredibly influential and incredibly hot, filled with steamy pre-condom era mouth and asshole plungings.

It's hard to pick the best scene, as everyone has their favorite. It truly is one incredible scene after another. My fave is the threeway among the straight dudes who yank off each other's underwear, make jokes at the expense of each other's girlfriends, and then have a foot worshiping, double-oral sucking, rim-blasting, fuck-chain sextacular good time.

While most of the film is amazing, highlights include one of the best solos ever caught on film (Mike Henson), a nearly painful to watch but hard-on inducing reaming of Kevin Wiles by hairy and hung mega-stud top Chad Douglas, and the final threeway scene with Rocky Armano that was not included in the original version. A must own for every collector, this thinly-veiled version of Tom Cruise's Top Gun presents what every guy watching Tom and Val Kilmer in that lockerroom already knew: flyboys make the best bottoms! I get off every time I see it. No question about it - this one is essential and a true classic."

Starring Mike Henson, Kevin Williams, John Davenport, Kevin Wiles, Chad Douglas, Jeff Quinn, John Rocklin, Chris Gray and Rocky Armano
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