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Quartier chaud 7 - Citebeur

The last DVD of the Hot Neighborhood series. Number 7 plunges you once again into the torrid and wild universe in which the city guys live. The gay rebel Anis unleashes his big Arab dick on Mark Humper and fucks him mercilessly in the ass. This time, the preppy bog boss is going to bring out all his talent in the face of the dominant rebel. The turmoil of the passive will continue with Alex Lorentz, who will be savagely fucked by the rebeu from Marseille. The 192cm long butt is equipped with a monstrous 24cm cock. The young half-breed half Arab half kabla will have his puck taken apart by Alex Tivoli, the young French player who hides his game well. Malik, the Moroccan rebeu, barracked like a rugby player and equipped with a super large cock, is going to submit to his power the serving lopsa - the young blond Yo. To end this series in beauty, the Arab-Brazilian half-breed Juliano will make big drooling shovels and shrivel the puck of Matt Kennedy, the French porn star bog boss who falls in love with his Latino-beautiful snicker-driver. It's citebeur as we like it!

1 In Love
Right from the start, Matt Kennedy knew there was something different about Juliano. Matt is used to playing with hung Arab studs. The handsome young man is captivated by the mixed-race hunk and totally under his control...He just can't get enough of his big juicy cock in his mouth and up his hole!

2 The City of Love
Axel Lorenz is a slutty french gay boy who cherrish big arab cocks and dominant straight arab man. He meets Le Marseillais, one of those rascals who like to be sucked for hours before they fuck your ass. The arab boy has no mercy. He fucks that white ass with his powerful monster dick while Axel is screaming like a goat.

3 One last cock for Karim on new year's eve
Karim wants to get one last meaty cock before the new year so he's contacted Alexis Tivoli on citebeur.com. Half an hour later the greedy Arab boy is on his knees, sucking Alexis big pole, making it as hard as he can. He is looking forward to his little butt getting fucked one last time this year!

4 The taste of Anis
Anis, a discreet muscled gay arab man fuck french porn star Marc Humper in the basement of social building somewhere in Paris. Watch his perfect muscled body and his big arab dick ready to fuck french twink's white ass. Massive balls and hard arab cock serviced by french gay boy.

HEY MAN - THIS WAS A LONG WORK FOR YOU ! Hope you like it !!!
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