Thor Produtions - The Haunted House On Sex Hill [2003] avi

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Thor Produtions - The Haunted House On Sex Hill [2003].avi

    Studio: Thor Productions
    Director, Writer, Producer: Thor Stephans
    Distributor: Arena Entertainment
    Duration: 01:35:20
    Released: 2003
    Format: avi 640x480 (good quality)

    Cast: Cameron Fox, Paul Johnson, Braeden Casey, Danny Rhymes, Victor Rios, Andrew Addams, Parker Williams, Damon Wolf, Anthony Holloway, Jack Sanders

    A young couple inherit a house that was once a homosexual bordello. Many of it's former inhabitants have lingered on in spirit, and make their still potent sexual desires known.

    These visitations from the afterlife are benign, though the sight of friendly spirit Cameron Fox's large, erect cock may induce a few chills. Fox, whose increasingly adult good looks are enhanced by a dusting of facial hair, has an unusually dense carnal presence for a ghost; when he materializes, he means it. Wolf, asleep in the master bedroom, is the beneficiary of his attentions. Meanwhile, caretaker Paul Johnson has a passionate session with Danny Rhymes, his favorite spirit, on a staircase; three ghosts carry on among themselves in a nearby graveyard; and the realtor (Parker Williams) and Holloway frolic unwisely in the basement.

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