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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2007-12-16 |
El Paso Wrecking Company is one of my favorite vintage flicks. The men are sexy as hell, the lighting, the trucks, the beer, the gloryholes... ahhh.

This is a version that I encoded from the full DVD version found here on GayTorrent.ru (El Paso Wrecking Corp - Complete Edition!), because I need the disk space (sad, yeah, huh? just go buy another HD, you cheap ass!!) I did, but it's cool to have an AVI that's 1/4 the size of the VOB's, and with equal quality.

There's a an old review from Drummer Magazine in 1977 (when the film was released) at hXXp://www.jackfritscher.com/Drummer/Issues/019/ElPasoWrecking.html and here's a brief description of the movie:

What EASY RIDER was to counter-culture and the changes that took place in movies during that time period, EL PASO WRECKING CORPORATION was to gay adult cinema, and was for many gay men, the celluloid catalyst for finally 'coming out.'

Hirsute and rugged Richard Locke and his muscular, mischievous buddy, Fred Halsted, were the gay man's version of Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. Footloose and freedom-starved, the boys quit their gig at the Kansas City Trucking Company and venture off in search of new employment, new thrills, and plenty of sex...none of which are all that difficult to come by (especially the sex!)

Though the remaining print is badly in need of remastering, (as if THAT is ever gonna happen), EL PASO stands as an important documentation of a time and place long since passed into legend, as do the other installments of this ongoing series. The most familiar sequel in J. Gage's "Working Man" Trilogy, it culminates with the concluding chapter, L.A. TOOL AND DIE.  (Quote from IMDB.com)
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