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STHJ III (2 updates)

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DescriptionMichael Finger Fucked and Milked

Rich has 22 year old, straight cutie Michael tied to the bed
and administers a long, slow edgings.  Michael seems to be
enjoying the torment, judging by his rock hard cock and his
facial expressions.  When Rich is ready for him to cum he
gradually increases his pace.  Michael starts thrusting his
hips in time to Rich's stroking and his breathing becomes loud
and labored, but he seems unable to go over the edge until he
sheepishly asks Rich to finger his ass.  Of course Rich is happy
to help, finger fucking Michael's straight hole and he's soon
shooting a nice big load high into the air for us with an old man's
finger up his ass.  Then Rich milks his sensitive cock after he cums.

Eddie's Distracted Edging Audition

Eddie is a 21 year old, straight, engaged  roofer with long blond hair,
big blue eyes and a lean, smooth, sexy body.  Rich has him strip down
in the office and tied him to a chair, got him hard and aroused, then
went about his business, leaving poor Eddie hard and aroused.  Rich
stopped to take phone calls and texts, made notes, moved furniture,
and talked business with Scott, and poor Eddie never lost his raging
erection or his desire to cum.  Rich really enjoys having aroused,
frustrated straight guys with rock hard cocks just waiting for him. 
What power and control.  Eddie gasped and panted, he shuddered
and quivered, his eyes rolled up to the back of his read, so close,
but Rich is too mean to bring him all the way.  Rich finally beat him
to an intense finish that shot high into the air.

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