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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-11-02 |
Produced by Dak King.
Edited and directed by Michael Zen.
Written by Steve O'Donnell, Dak King, and Michael Zen.
Starring Brent Cross, J.T. Sloan, Steve O'Donnell, Mason Jarr, Will Clark, David Thompson, Todd Stevens, Vic Rubino, Sandy Sloan, Scott Lyons, Morgan Fairlane, and Chloe.

By Giacomo Tramontagna

In 2051, a state-mandated system of population control decrees that women be confined to the East Coast and men to the West. In the male domain, the government-sponsored "HOMOgen-ized" program conditions men to "enjoy other men." Males who prefer gay sex, whether through conditioning or by nature, are made to wear identification bracelets certifying them as socially acceptable.

Adam, a heterosexual holdout who lives for the day when sexual segre- gation ends, is lured into the gold lamé lair of Dr. Crolyn (J.T. Sloan). There he undergoes a program of sexual readjustment therapy. In transition, he has tortured dreams of dildos that squirt milk. He soon is having sex with men, while secretly clinging to hope of a reunion with his girlfriend-- who is about to surprise him with news that will put him over the edge.

View our poll archive Crafted by Michael Zen, whose projects brim with style and intelligence, HOMOgenized is a provocative, wittily designed dystopian fantasy that pays tribute to the Stanley Kubrick version of A Clockwork Orange. Decked out in eye makeup, whory nail polish, futuristic fetish gear, and the layered look in jockstraps, the cast seems to have a good time. The sex, which includes several three-ways, is frequently hot. Brent Cross, with electric hair and a silvery stud beneath his lower lip, brings to the role of Adam greater energy and focus than he's previously shown, and his body seems leaner and better defined.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to have thought about the story's fascist underpinnings, or the implications of gay sex being fostered by totalitarian social engineering. Some of the sex has a mean, unpleasant edge, and some of the characters almost embody the Family Research Council's image of gay men. There are also some jaw-dropping bloopers in the titles (one of Zen's signature devices) that advance the narrative or comment on it. The worst of these is a reference to the "male populous"-- meaning "populace." Michael Zen shouldn't have to be reminded that even in porn, a little literacy goes a long way.
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