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Ranger in the Wild
distributor Catalina Video released 1997 length 92

director Josh Eliot
producer Josh Eliot
creative conslt. William Higgins
editor Josh Eliot
music Rock Hard
videography Josh Eliot
Brad Austin
Mitchell Dunne
writer Josh Eliot
performer role
Cody Whiler
Daryl Brock
Drew Andrews
Eric Stone
Jake Taylor
Jonathan Cristipher
Kent Burk
Kristian White
Kyle McKenna
Matthew Easton
Max Grand
Steve Rambo
Tony Cameron
Tony Cummings
source: promotional material
Eric Stone in his debut Catalina release was the perfect man for the job. His rugged and masculine features made him irresistible as The Ranger.
scenes /
loops /
source: promotional material
1. Park Ranger Eric Stone with Tony Cummings outside.
found in compilation Sex in the Great Outdoors 5
2. Daryl Brock gives Steve Rambo a hard-pouding man fuck on the back of a truck.
3. Drew Andrews and Kyle McKenna have some great man-sex in their cabin, while Eric Stone watches.
4. Kent Burk sucks Tony Cameron's cock, then eats his tight ass. Tony thanks him by fucking him at the campsite.
5. Jake Taylor gets serviced by Kristian White in their tent. Kristian takes every bit of Jake's long hard and hairy cock. Road Workers Max Grande, Matthew Easton, Jonathan Cristipher and Cody Whiler have an everyway 4-Way out by the side of the road.
reviews From ManNet

For my money, one of the most breathtakingly beautiful men to ever appear in an adult film was Eric Stone. Tall and handsome, broad-chested with a mustache, but still with something of an accessible quality, Eric was a keeper -- highlighted to maximum effect in director Josh Eliot's "Ranger in the Wild."

Eric plays a lonely ranger who has recently relocated to Arizona. As he is giving a geology talk, he sees Tony Cummings videotaping his lecture -- or, to be more precise, videotaping his crotch. Eric gets a boner at the attention. He looks for Tony afterwards, but doesn't find him. Walking around on his beat, all hot and bothered, he peeks inside a cabin and sees Drew Andrews getting off with Kyle McKenna. Reclining on a sofa, Drew slides his long pole into Kyle's thirsty mouth and lets Kyle dictate the action. His cock growing at the oral expertise, Drew stands and literally shoves his erection in Kyle's throat. This scene is directed at a rapid-fire pace, and, before long, Kyle has climbed aboard and is crouching on Drew's dick. Their sit-fuck is rousing, especially as Kyle's dimpled butt seems to envelop the cock. Changing position, Drew next hunches Kyle over and tears up his ass up that way as well. The versatile Drew then goes butt-up, masterfully obliging Kyle. When Drew cums, he gushes all over Kyle's hip, before Kyle falls into Drew's arms and jacks himself off.

Investigating the campgrounds the next morning, Eric finds more hanky-panky. Inside a tent Jake Taylor and Kristian White are sprawled atop each other, naked. Kristian is gagging on Jake's meat, prompting loud moans from the excitable Jake. Jake -- he of the steel bat between his legs -- relaxes as Kristian runs his tongue all along the head of his dick, then the side. Meanwhile, turned on by the tent action, Kent Burk goes down on Tony Cameron outside, and when Tony is completely out of his clothes, Kent spreads his cheeks and eats his hole. It's a hearty moment, and the first rimming so far. Back in the tent, Jake is doing what he does best, slipping his horse dick up a rear. Kristian's bum is proving very accommodating, allowing Jake to pump back and forth steadily. Jake also brings out some dirty-talk in his partner: "Shove that thing up my ass," Kristian demands. In slow-motion, Jake nears orgasm and yanks out his cream onto Kristian's backside. Jake then lets Kristian sit on his cock once more -- impaled on it, Kristian cums, too. A few feet away, Kent's voracious tongue brings Tony to quick release.

That evening, Eric notices that a semi-truck has spilled its load, and co-workers are salvaging the hay bales. Eric goes back to his cabin, where he gets in front of the fireplace and fantasizes about Steve Rambo and his pal, Daryl Brock, all alone in the night. This is the first time we've seen Eric naked, and his manly torso and sizable erection are well worth the wait as he strokes his cock thinking of what the men might be doing. He envisions Steve stopping work long enough to orally sate Daryl. Steve, as usual, has no use for subtlety. He grabs Daryl's shaft and moves it into his mouth, wolfing it down hungrily. Daryl's subsequent sucking of Steve is more measured, slower, using more of his available hand. Daryl then situates Steve in a position where he can grab his thunder thighs, lift them upwards, and move in for the kill. Of course, topman Daryl lubes up and gives Steve his trademark ferocious butt-fuck. Steve quickly fires off a climax, while getting banged, but not content with one orgasm, he offers his butt again to Daryl.

Across the way, Daryl and Steve are spotted by Max Grand and Cody Whiler, who are instantly turned on by their voyeuristic finds. Max, looking and performing at his consistent high level, slips his cock into Cody's throat, letting it plop out occasionally, the pre-cum dripping everywhere. They are visited by Matthew Easton and Jonathan Christopher, who drop down and pass Max's dick among them. Soon they divide into pairs. Their dual fellatio, side-by-side, is exquisite, and then savage fucking begins. Jonathan plugs insatiable Matthew while Max pokes Cody. Cody is especially fetching here, his cute butt poked out and being used. Eliot's use of a long-shot to show both couples banging is especially effective. The cum-shots are also well-captured, especially Max, whose dick produces a seven-spurter, lacing Cody's butt with spunk.

The next morning, Eric finally gets some tail. Hearing a noise, he runs outside and finds a man has fallen into a pond. Eric picks up the unconscious lad and takes him home. It turns out to be Tony Cummings, who has followed Eric home in his dad's truck, in an effort to give him another erection. Eric almost ravishes Tony at this point, hugging him and easily locating his growing hardon. For his part, Eric is far from trade. He is very loving, kissing Tony's body and sucking a mean dick. This isn't some perfunctory moment, either -- he seems to be entirely into what he is doing. In the hottest scene yet, Tony services him back, then smears his head against Eric's hairy asscrack and licks, and licks, and licks. Finding a small dildo, Eric loosens Tony's entrance, and then shoves his slab into him. Eric is a supreme top, slapping Tony's cheeks as he forges ahead and alternating his pace. They both cum buckets. In the end, Eric's voice-over narration announces that the two have been a couple ever since, spending every afternoon watching the sunset together.

With a half-dozen sex scenes -- some short and to the point, others more leisurely -- "Ranger in the Wild" is one of Catalina's mid-1990s classics. Even if the production had done nothing but give Eric Stone a leading role, it would have been a major accomplishment.

DVD extras include chapter selections, Catalina trailers, and, as a bonus, one of the most seductive scenes of all time -- the Jeff Quinn-John Rocklin loop from "Big Guns," directed by the legendary William Higgins. (In the scene, Jeff massages John's shoulders, his arms, his chest, teasing the fellow pilot. Jeff licks John's armpits, before placing a hand on his leg. John is now putty in his hands, and Jeff slowly takes his shoes off and kisses John's bare feet, before pulling his dick out of his pants and taking his time to give John a first-class blowjob. That leads to Jeff's tongue up John's rear, just before Jeff stuffs his boner inside. Their doggy-style outdoor fuck is superb, with Jeff eventually turning John over and lifting his legs to the heavens as they go at it. In a great role reversal, Jeff soon finds himself on the receiving end, his sphincter getting massaged by John's randy dick.)

A DVD Review by Max Southern

From GayVideoDad

Ranger in the Wild is a mid-'90s porn in what was the follow-up to William Higgins' wildly successful Sailor in the Wild. I believe it was the first Catalina video in about a decade that William Higgins was involved in creatively; however, the other creative powerhouse behind this film is Josh Eliot.

The film stars Eric Stone, who's tragic porn career was too brief but who sports some of the sexiest deep green bedroom eyes in the business. Like the previous Higgins' film, Eliot captures the laid-back and natural sexuality of hot outdoor sex. The DVD really highlights the majesty of the California mountain scenery. I was blown away by the quality of the videography and felt like I could crawl right into the scenes.

Among the highlights are a very vocal McKenna jumping on Daryl Brock's massive erection, the hot camping scene where a set of studs giving blowjobs check out the hot cock action of their neighboring studs and vice (oh, such nice vice) versa. Also, Steve Rambo and Brock again do it dirty in the dark. Rambo is amazing how he goes down to the pubic bone every time, and Brock can't wait for ass, giving it to Rambo on the hood, truckbed and more. Even in the dark, this dirty scene doesn't go unnoticed by Max Grand, who needs three more studs to satisfy him. And finally, Stone gets it on with the sexy boyish Tony Cummings.

Among the DVD bonuses is a hot pre-condom scene from Big Guns with navy boy John Rocklin seducing his fellow uniformed sailor Jeff Quinn. Jeff's timid's protests to getting turned onto male-to-male sex are just what you expect from a straight boy who's been thinking about a good blowjob and hot hole for quite some time.

- Peter Dixon
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