Reflections of an Indian Boy - Jaguar Productions [1977]

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DescriptionAn action-packed tale of Native Americans and those wacky white settlers, the film Reflections of an Indian Boy (oh, the days when these were shot on film) features actual horses... and horse-hung stars. Two delicious young braves sit before a loopy, leather-jacket clad elder who hands them a peace pipe and mutters off a tale of cultural clash. After illustrating that the white man can only think about sex - quick cut to the jerking-off example - an equally hormonal Indian three way transpires.

Later, we're treated to a series of sexcapades between the white cavalry camp and the Indians. Four cavalry members work it ("they really seem to know how to suck cock!" chirps the narrator) in a tent, and when happening upon this decadent scene, three cute young Indians are inspired to do same. In a bittersweet moment, the two forces come together for an, er, cultural exchange, as an Indian rides a tender white ass, and later, an orgy.

Snapping back to the present, our two young disciples re-enact history. Disappointingly, they don't finish up - instead they fake fuck. A real shame, considering its anticipated lead-up, and how tasty they are. Aside from that, your peace pipe will definitely get hot.

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