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Original upload: 2011-08-04 |
You've never seen a video with so many sexy and unpredictable twists thanks to brash and muscular Alejandro de LaGuardia. He flips the whole idea of a solo shower video into a nasty scene that will have you believing you're seeing muscle twins. Alejandro struts into the bathroom and his body language lets you know right away he's ready for action. He gets naked, steps into a shower to get clean and instead comes out to get dirty. Once he's out he gazes at himself in the mirror and brazenly lies down on TOP of the counter.

The camera follows Alenjandro's exquisite muscle body as he lies back and strokes his cock, occasionally looking at himself in the mirror, and challenging himself to get even more outrageous. He puts his feet up on the nearby shower glass, he shifts sideways and fingers his tight muscle hole, and then moves even closer to his own reflection for the finale. You'll think you're watching muscular twins jacking off side by side and both shooting their loads simultaneously, sampling their own muscle juices.

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