♺ Crazy Female Doctors - Joined and corrected

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-09-12 |
Posted in this category as the females only role is to humiliate and they remain fully clothed.

These were posted a few days ago as a series of many separate files, out of sequence and some with squashed aspect ration.  I have joined them, corrected the aspect ratio compressed to MP4.  Hope you enjoy.

Cfd 01.jpeg 3.34 MB
Cfd 01.mp4 640.25 MB
Cfd 02.jpeg 3.45 MB
Cfd 02.mp4 644.64 MB
Cfd 03.jpeg 2.82 MB
Cfd 03.mp4 1636.97 MB
Cfd 04.jpeg 3.26 MB
Cfd 04.mp4 798.04 MB
Cfd 05.jpeg 3.75 MB
Cfd 05.mp4 798.47 MB
Cfd 06.jpeg 3.44 MB
Cfd 06.mp4 694.90 MB
Cfd 07.jpeg 3.52 MB
Cfd 07.mp4 765.81 MB

Total number of files  = 14
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