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WH - Petro, Martin and Petr and Alan Carly and Vaclav Chovanec

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DescriptionPetro, Martin and Petr

Martin Porter is one very sexy stud. We find him taking a shower, soaping his magnificent body all over, with his semi hard as he does so. As he showers we take a look at Petro Peka and Petr Said who are just waking up. They hear the shower and creep off their bed to see who it is. Martin is towelling himself off as he spots them watching. The guys join him and take up his offer of feeling his hot body. As they reach out to touch him Martin drops his towel and Petr takes hold of the cock and licks it. Then Petro does the same. Martin's fat cock begins responding to the hot tongues that lick it. Soon it is rock hard and Petr and Petro wank it and give it a little suck. Then they stand and Martin pulls down their underwear. Petr is already very hard and Martin starts wanking and sucking on the cock. Petro wanks himself and gets hard too, so that Martin can suck him as well. He sucks each of the guys throbbing cocks in turn before Petro lays down with Petr over him. He sucks Petrs cock in a 69. Then Petr sucks Martin as well. That soon leads to some hot fucking with Martin pounding Petr's sexy ass. As he gets fucked, moaning with pleasure Petr sucks on Petro's dick some more. Martin really pounds that ass making Petr moan. Then he lets Petro take a turn in that ass. With Petr on his back, legs up, Petro fucks him nice and deep as Martin wanks himself. Petr loves the dick in his ass and as Petro lays down he sits his ass back down on it. As Petro fucks him Petr wanks his own cock with Martin doing the same as he watches the action. Petr soon explodes with a massive cumshot, while Petro keeps fucking him. His cock slams up in that sexy ass, going faster and faster. Then he and Martin stand over Petr wanking themselves until they too shoot their hot cum all over his sexy body. Petr licks the spent cocks, cleaning the cum off the heads, as Martin leans over to kiss Petro to end their hot session.

Alan Carly and Vaclav Chovanec

In a lovlely dream set we have Alan Carly and Vaclav Chovanec. Vaclav is laying on the bed, wearing only his underwear as Alan arrives. He too is just in underwear. He joins Vaclav on the bed, turning him over and kissing him. He runs a hand all over Vaclav's chest, covering his mouth with the other hand. Dipping his hand into Vaclav's underwear Alan gropes him. Then he removes the underwear and starts to suck on Vaclav's stiff cock. That cock is big and thick and fills Alan's mouth well. As he wanks and sucks Alan also kisses Vaclav's sexy chest. He keeps his hand over Vaclavs mouth as he sucks him. Then Alan sits and moves Vaclav between his legs, reaching round to wank him. Vaclav moans loudly, though his mouth remains smothered, as the wanking gets faster and faster. Alan keeps up the wanking until Vaclav shoots his creamy cum. Alan rubs his thumb over the tender cock head before releasing Vaclav. Vaclav then goes off to take a shower, while Alan waits for him to come back. When he returns Vaclav starts to return the favor to Alan, kissing him and groping him. He soon has Alan's underwear off and sucks on his big dick as he covers the mouth. He kisses Alan's body too as he wanks and sucks on the cock. Then Alan kneels between Vaclav's legs. Vaclav reaches round and wanks on that big cock as he covers Alan's mouth again. He keeps up the wanking until Alan deliver his hot cum too. Shooting the cream all over the bed. Then Alan turns his head and they share a final kiss.

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