Boy's Halfway House - Bonded Out and Pounded Down

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DescriptionOh, man... These guys are just brilliant. This one absconded from the house, violated his probation, got arrested, and then had a mysterious "friend" bond him outta jail. I don't even want to know how that happened. The real story, however, begins when he shows back up at the House after a full day missing. He tried to play it cool and acted like nothing had ever happened.

We should have kicked his ass out onto the street then and there, but damn it, he's such a good cock sucker I would hate to see him go. Nevertheless, it sets a bad precedent for the others. It was a real dilemma. My buddy and I decided to have a rough, hard go at him, and knowing that he'd be squealing like a pig for a good 30 minutes - well, we thought that that would be an indication enough to the others. This little squirt is so loud and annoying we were sure that everyone in the house - as well as next door - would hear him getting his ass pounded into oblivion.

After he slobs both of our knobs, I push him down onto the ground and the other manager shoves his fattie right into his puckered up little hole. Man, did this guy make a racket. It's like someone pulled a fucking string on his back and he wouldn't shut up. After some time on the floor getting spitroasted, I grabbed him by the hair and positioned him into doggie style against the couch. This was for two reasons: One, I could sit down and get a nice dick lickin' while he was getting fucked, and two, I could shove this fuckers face into the cushion if he got even louder. Needless to say, he gets a good pounding, and when my buddy nuts in his hole, I flipped him over quickly. Scooping up my buddies nut with my fingers from inside his blown out hole, I shove the cum and ass-juice right into this little prick's mouth.

He wasn't finished though. I hadn't gotten my rocks off yet. I instruct him to get between my knees and blow me until I nut in his mouth. So there he is, my fat cock down his throat and still a little jizz dripping out of his hole. I bet he's happy to be outta jail. After I nut in his mouth I shove him back on the ground and spit on him with disdain. We'll let him stay for a while longer, I suppose.

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