RagingStallion – Tegan Zayne and Spencer Whitman

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DescriptionNavy seamen Tegan Zayne and Spencer Whitman are on the job in the boiler room, making sure everything is ship-shape. When SpencerÂ’s navy blues start slipping off his ass, Tegan sees an opportunity to get better acquainted. As SpencerÂ’s pants fall, his throbbing, uncut cock is exposed. Unbuttoning their shirts, both men reveal their hairy, muscled chests and plump nipples.
Going down to his knees, Tegan gets a mouthful of SpencerÂ’s huge, foreskinned meat, rubbing his tongue inside the tip. Thick gobs of spit pour from TeganÂ’s mouth when Spencer withdraws his cock from the back of TeganÂ’s throat. Pinching his nipple, Spencer thrusts his hips and fucks TeganÂ’s face faster.
Rising to his feet, Tegan stands at attention while Spencer returns the oral favor. The thrill of sucking cock on the job has both men boned up and eager for more.
Spreading his hairy ass cheeks, Tegan gets his hole eaten out by Spencer. The feeling of SpencerÂ’s scruffy beard in his hairy Hole makes TeganÂ’s cock swell. Licking his finger, Spencer prods TeganÂ’s hole, preparing it for pounding.
Tegan throws his legs in the air, and Spencer shoves his meat deep into TeganÂ’s hole. Sweat drips on their bodies, and TeganÂ’s ass hair surrounds the shaft of SpencerÂ’s girthy cock.
Trading places, Spencer bends over and takes TeganÂ’s dick doggy style. Spencer jerks his hard cock as Tegan pounds on SpencerÂ’s prostate. Pulling out, Tegan works his cock and explodes with a massive, spurting load that drenches SpencerÂ’s hairy ass with cum. Spencer turns around and Tegan gets down on his knees, his mouth wide to swallow SpencerÂ’s thick, white load.
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