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Ok, this is the most intense shoot I've ever had by far! The incredible reaction by Guido to the attention of his Dr. and male Nurse is so powerful and raw! But, you'll have to see for yourself!
This is Guido's 5th foray for me into the world of man on man sex. And this time he's showing off his acting skills!! In a totally impromptu setup, he's playing a cyclist, in full 80's lycra and tank top, who fell of his bicycle while checking someone out. The Dr. was good enough to see him on short notice.

Guido hobbles in (obvious pain in groin area) and takes a seat in the Dr.'s examination chair. The Dr. lifts the electric seat up and back and begins to check the injury. He runs his hands up and down Guido's strong legs as Jared complains about not being able to work out his muscular legs. The Dr. soon is feeling the inside of the spandex, making Jared's cock and balls pulse under the skin tight fabric.

It's soon noticed that another injury has occurred during Jared's cycling accident: his brand new spandex have a hole right in the crotch! Well THESE are ruined! The Dr. takes a closer look and RRRIIIPPPP! Guido's heavy meat and potatoes erupt forth from the rendered fabric. Guido is shocked! His reaction is almost edible! And his now exposed cock and balls certainly are, as they quickly get shoved into the waiting Dr.'s maw.

The long throbbing cock is soon worked over by two mouths, as Nurse Mark appears to assist the good Dr. They each take turns swallowing down Jared's impressive meat and suckling at his low hanging nuts. Jared pushes them down again and again, his cock getting bigger and harder as they work him over. ''You have a very dedicated staff, Dr.'' states Jared. To which Nurse Mark replied, ''Only the BEST for our patients.''

Jared has had a nice big dick in his other shoots, but I've NEVER seen him THIS HARD! It was truly amazing. My photography assistant could barely stand it. As Jared has his engorged prick worked over, he builds and builds with pressure and excitement. His armpits get really moist and sweaty and soon the whole room reeks of mansweat and cock. Guido grunts and writhes and jerks as his balls and cock are worked at the same time, panting and growling. Nurse Mark sloppy sucks on his cock, making all kinds of wet smacking sounds as the cock is thrust deep into his eager throat.

So intense was the cock work that Jared had to tell them to stop he was literally shaking, as a pre-orgasmic wave rocks his whole body. He soon takes things into his own hands to keep from popping. He takes slow deep breaths and they come out in a shuddery gasp it almost sounds like he's freezing, teeth clacking together, but he states he's in ecstasy.

The medical team work his nipples and soon Jared is ready to blast, giving us an incredible sperm sample! He sits forward and his ripped body tenses and his muscles writhe his face contorts and his neck snaps back and forth, the expressions on his face so intense he may be in pain. But his cock is the biggest and hardest I've ever seen it and it's about to blow.

The boys in blue are jerking along with him. As Guido Jared blasts forth all over the black leather medical examiner's chair, so does Nurse Mark. Jared splatters a huge load all over the black leather, leaving it dotted with tons of Italian jizz. Nurse Mark follows suit and sprays a splattering load all over the leather, mixing it in with Jared's. Then come the spasms our patient jerks violently, kicking the raised chair, his naked and sweaty body convulsing in orgasmic delight. His cock is still rock fucking hard and his shoes (the only thing still on him) slam noisily against the metal of the chair. He gasps and pants and kicks. Everyone steps back so they don't get kicked!

Smells of fresh man seed and sweat fill the small room, permeating it with salty spunk and sweat. I move to Guido's exposed pits and take a nice whiff! Then I move in and lick and suckle as the sweet nectar he's made there he giggles maniacally and jerks away as it tickles him terribly. The smell lingers in my nose, and the taste on my lips! Yum! But, it's time for Guido to get going and the Dr. to see his next patient. The chair is lowered and Guido slides off, smearing his cum along his dick, balls and thighs, and leaving a nice smeary puddle on the leather. Can't have that! A quick clean up is needed of the chair and Guido.

His injury is feeling much better and Guido believes he can make it home just fine. The Dr. has waved his usual fees for the visit and Jared makes to leave only to realize, he's lost his shorts they are a mangled mess on the examination room floor. He decides to make the best of it and jog home naked. His bike is ruined from the accident and he's naked so why not? The Dr. assures him some kind hearted gentleman will be sure to pick him up and give him a ride home, that is. The Dr. will see YOU now!

As Jared gets ready to go after the shoot, he candidly admits he's not sure what to tell his girlfriend he won't be able to clean up first, as he's going right to her place from the shoot! Maybe she won't notice his red pinched nipples, his used red cock and the sweat and spunk and saliva smells... maybe.
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