[IOP] Seduction of a Surfer mp4

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DescriptionSc. 5 = award-winning. Busts after 20 seconds; cums 3x in 12 minutes; hands-free pulsating cock cum ooze.

|| Seduction of a Surfer  ||

[IOP Productions]

"He thought he was straight. His girlfriend went away to school... and he went down. Here is the new film from Kevin Clarke, director of the award-winning American Way series (The American Way 3: Love, 2004 GayVN Winner Best Specialty Release – 18 to 23) and hailed by director Jerry Douglas as Kevin Clarke's best work yet.

Cameron Slater was your average 19 year-old. He loved to surf, listen to music and his girl. They had been dating for as long as he could remember and he had never really thought about any life but life with her there. Then she went away to school.

Seduction of a Surfer is a timeless journey of self discovery where a young man outgrows his heterosexuality and reaches for, and finds, his true sexual identity. His journey takes him from the beach to the streets of New York to find himself. What he finds is guys doing it everywhere, realizes who and what he is, and tries it for himself.

Sc. 1:  Cameron makes his first stop in NYC at the top of the Empire State Building and while looking through tourist binoculars he spots two boys in an adjacent apartment engaging in the act. It is his first view of gay sex and he sees R.J. Tyler and Alan Phillips have a very intense session of torrid gay sex.

Sc. 2:  He looks again and sees Aladdin and Elliot Noble having some afternoon fun. The contrast of the student and the punk is particularly unique and entertaining.

Sc. 3:  The realization that he is attracted to guys drives the solo scene that comes next. You see Cameron pleasure himself to the images of other surfer boys.

Sc. 4:  Now Cameron sees gay sex everywhere he turns. Just images of his friends send him into a sexual frenzy. Just picturing his friends has them fucking in his mind. Here Ian Maxmillion and Jason Adams have an intense fuck that only the imagination could produce.

***Sc. 5:  Finally Cameron steps into the deep end and becomes the cocksucker/fucker you all hope he would. The scene with Matt James Wilson is the highlight of the video as we in both reality and fantasy see Cameron have his first taste of cock. The interactions are all in real time and the orgasms alone are worth the price of admission:

Cameron gets a prolonged, sensual blowjob.  Matt starts to suck Cameron, but after only 20 seconds, Cameron's dick starts pumping out thick white cum.  After the contractions in Cameron's cock subside, Matt goes right back to sucking the cummy dick.  Minutes later, Cameron's dick starts pulsating hard.  He cums hands-free, with his cock throbbing and cum oozing down the shaft.  Matt goes right back to sucking.  90 seconds later, Cameron busts for a third time; Matt squeezes all the cum out of the shaft.  Cameron then fucks Matt, who jerks out a load.

Director: Kevin Clarke

Cast:  Cameron Slater, Alan Phillips, Alladin, Elliot Noble, Ian Maximillion, Jason Adams, Matt James Wilson, R.J. Tyler

Original Release Date: 2005

Studio: IOP Productions | Size: 792 MB | Duration: 01:47:36 | Format: MP4 | Resolution: 544x400

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