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MBZ - Elder Butler & Elder Peterson - Preparation Day Part 1

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DescriptionElder Butler is a cute young gay Mormon who has a big crush on his companion, Elder Peterson. The blonde missionary is a hot jock, and heÂ’s always doing push-ups and sit-ups in their bedroom. Every time Elder Butler happens to catch a glance at his hunky companion in his underwear or naked, he immediately gets a boner. But he has been keeping his feelings to himself, worried that if his companion finds out about his feelings, he might tell the mission president. But one morning the sight of Elder Peterson doing push-ups is too much for Elder Butler to resist. He decides to risk propositioning his muscular companion. In high school in Utah, he routinely sucked off several of the jocks whose girlfriends didnÂ’t want to have sex, and heÂ’s pretty sure he can talk Elder Peterson into a blow job.

“Did you play sports in high school?” he asks?

Elder Peterson answers, without pausing his work-out. “Yeah. Did you?”

“No, I was a total nerd.” Elder Butler puts down his scriptures. He’s lying in bed wearing nothing but his garments, and he shifts his dick a little to make his boner less obvious.

“Did you get picked on?

“No, actually all the jocks looked out for me.”

That’s not how it went at Elder Peterson’s school, where the nerds got picked on and the jocks got treated like royalty. “Why did they do that?”

Elder Peterson stands up. He’s built like a truck, and Elder Butler wants to touch his muscles. “Well, their girlfriends didn’t want to have sex, so I helped them out. I gave them blowjobs.”

Elder Peterson is a little shocked, but also intrigued. He has never fooled around with anyone, and the thought of getting his dick sucked is making him hard.

“Have you ever had a blow job?” Elder Butler asks. He shakes his head no. “Want one?”

Blushing, Elder Peterson says sure and Elder Butler jumps to his feet and takes off his companionÂ’s tee shirt. His torso is massive, and itÂ’s all rock hard muscle. Elder Butler gropes it, then he slides off his companionÂ’s gym shorts and garments. Elder Peterson is too shy to say a word, but Elder Butler can see from his fat boner that heÂ’s excited. Elder Butler grabs his nuts and swallows his companionÂ’s thickening cock. Elder Peterson gasps as his companion licks the head of his cock, and he involuntarily puts his hands on ButlerÂ’s head and forces his cock down the boyÂ’s throatÂ…

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