JVP Sit Tight - 2 Disc Series ru

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DescriptionJocks equals cocks! And you'll find a whole bunch of big ones attached to ripped masculine bodies in this tale of patience and virtue. Sit Tight is wrapped by the story of two guys - Paris and the motherfucking hung Sainclair - who keep missing each other; as the tale progresses a bunch of others join in.

In the first segment, two smooth, well groomed hunks take it from public bench to home, sucking, eating butt, and fucking their way into magicland.

Next, at a lovely pool, Bradley is thoroughly serviced by Barlow (insisting "get it in... there ya go!" while a tongue is jammed up his hole). Turning the tables, he inserts his hand, then an outlandishly large dildo, then his cock. Whoo-wee! That thing will never feel virgin again. Except maybe to an elephant or humpback whale.

Another two couplings follow, including that by our two stars. Paris pounds a buttplug up his ass while Sainclair eats beef, and there's so much more. Paris gets fucked legs-over-shoulders by Virgil, and while being plowed ends up cumming on his own face and in his own mouth; Virgil blows a massive load as well. Hot hot hot.

So while the first pairing is spoiled by stupidly dubbed sound effects, everything else is prime Jocks. To boot, safer sex is emphasized, and the fellows don their condoms merrily before pokin' (unlike some videos where they try and hide the things).

Great job by all - and keep an eye out for the mystical squirrel.

Cast:  Tristan Paris, Virgil Sainclair, Luc Jarrett, David Bradley, Dean Temple, Lee Driver, Chris Barlow, Rick Matthews
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