♺ Law of Desire - Minotaur (1996)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-07-15 |
Starring: Hawk McAllistar, Joey Carr, Todd Stevens, Steve O'Donnell, Bryan Kidd, Mason Walker, Dave Russell
Director: Ross Cannon
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Length: 78mn 37s
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    An attractive cast of established porn performers and excellent production values elevate this production to the realm of above-average porn. The plot, though not strong, serves its purpose as a vehicle on which to hang the sex scenes.
    Bryan Kidd (boyish-looking, tight-bodied redhead) is a senior pre-law student in an unnamed college who has just taken a room in a house shared by several other students. As he's finishing moving in, housemate Steve O'Donnell, wearing only a towel, stops by to welcome him and invite him to a big party he's throwing that weekend. Opening the towel, Steve offers to welcome Bryan much more intimately, but he declines and Steve departs.
    We learn Bryan is uptight because he has a big law school entrance exam looming (supposedly for Harvard Law School), and he may also have issues regarding his sexuality. We also learn he is attracted to housemate Dave Russell (ruggedly handsome, square-jawed brunet with a cleft chin - what's not to be attracted to?), who seems, like Bryan, to be a more private person and less of a party animal.
    Having been rebuffed by Bryan, Steve (tall, lanky, blondish and hairy) visits housemate Joey Carr (boyish face; soft, pale freckled body), who is much more receptive to his advances. Steve sucks Joey, then goes to work, with fingers and a couple of increasing large dildos, preparing Joey's asshole to receive his sizeable cock. They fuck in a couple of positions and drop respectable loads. Joey keeps his tank top on throughout the scene - possibly to hide some baby fat?
    Bryan delivers his rent payment to housemate Hawk McAllistar, who evidently is the landlord's collection agent. He's followed by Todd Stevens, who tells Hawk he doesn't have the money for the month's rent. This being a porno, alternative payment methods are readily available, and Todd drops to his knees to service Hawk's honker. Before long, he's also offering his ass in payment, and Hawk drills him good before switching roles. Hawk comes while being fucked and Todd sprays his load on Hawk's back. Todd asks how Hawk will explain the missing rent to the landlord, and Hawk confides that he has a similar arrangement with him.
    It's the night before the big exam, and Bryan is in the workout room (nice house, eh?) trying unsuccessfully to relax. Mason Walker comes in to work out, but when he sees how tense Bryan is, he offers to help relieve his tension in the best porn tradition - with sex. Bryan resists at first, but soon succumbs to Mason's advances and ultimately receives a pounding, multi-position fuck. Mason, who often seems rather distant in his performances, is quite animated and involved in this scene. A couple of healthy loads later, Bryan thanks Mason for his assistance, and Mason tells Bryan he now should be able to approach Dave, to whom Mason gave a similar "lesson" the previous evening.
    Later the next day, Dave stops by Bryan's room to find out how the big exam went. Bryan says he choked - blew it big time - but doesn't care because it was never what he'd wanted - he was only pursuing it under pressure from his father. If not Harvard, then, what does he want, Dave asks. Bryan's answer - for the short term, at least - is simple: He wants Dave.
    Thus begins the hottest, most passionate coupling of the video, as each young man takes turns kissing, sucking and fucking the other, clearly enjoying pleasuring - and being pleasured by - his partner. The result is intense orgasms, coupled with copious cum dumps and, we are led to believe, the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.
    Again, worth seeing for the attractive cast - all of whom seem believable as college students, high production values and good sex.

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