♺ The Playground [Atlas Production-Le Salon-ARI]

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-09-14 |
A dear friend of mine, also a member here, requested this and asked me if I could get it for him.
For what ever reason his system and/or his ISP (Having once had Qwest, I understand that one!)
stood in the way.

He even had the link here
I understood his problem more.  It was a DVD!
In other words, HUGE!

I told him it would take time.
I did not tell him that I can download it from "A" distributor,
It was going to be a surprise, which he got and liked...a lot!

The bonus was that even though this movie is NOT my style (NO TWINKS!), but that it would also made a perfect gift for another friend whose birthday was coming up right before mine.

I also had decided not to upload it here as I do not like duping another members post, even if it is a different format, unless of course it was much better in quality.

When I went to post it to my groups, I wanted  to see if it was still here. I searched twice and it did not come up in the results.

So I told the system to include dead torrents to see if it came up then.

It did.


0 seeder(s) 0 leecher(s) = 0 peer(s) connected

So much for stepping on the post of another.

Ergo, here it is again, refreshed, and much smaller.

If you would like a sneak peek preview that I made, streamed from my own site you can view it here:

Info below, details in the NFO file (for the techies!).



The Playground [Atlas Production-Le Salon-ARI]


hxxp://www.pornwatcher.org/Studios/AtlasProductionSummary.html (index only)


Check out the equipment in the playground! Two lovers re-ignite their passion at The Playground - a
hot local sex club. Joshua watches through the dim lighting as muscular Cougar Cash spreads his round
ass cheeks for a lean redheads fingers and thick cock..."Red" shoots a lusty load clear to the wall
behind them! Later in a prick-tease, that hot redhead takes the stage and uses his huge hands, tongue
and lips to get hard and get off! Cougar and black stud Earl Utah move in for a 3-way suckage. Joshua
is spread eagle in a sex swing as lover Rusty pumps his backdoor for all it is worth! Creamy lovejuices shoot skyward!


The Playground opens in the bedroom of Joshua Scott and Rusty Samuels. Scott is hungry for cock, and he services Samuels with both his mouth and ass. You can tell that these two are into each other, and it helps make the opener sizzle. Samuels can not stay overnight, because he needs to be at work early, and the still horny Scott decides to go to the local sex club for some more action.

Wandering through the halls of the clubs, Scott peeks into rooms and corners, and watches some of the men getting off. Scott spies on big-dicked Alvin Eros, who fucks Cougar Cah in one of the small rooms.

Scott then watches as Alvin does a strip show, which turns on customer Earl Utah, who takes his turn on Eros meat. Meanwhile, Brian Shawn does a strip show, enhanced by his ability to suck his own cock.

Cash thinks that cock looks so good, he swallows some of it, too.

The vid closes when Scott finds Samuels, who was supposed to be home, going at Eros cock. Not the jealous type, Scott joins in on the action. They move to a sling, where Scott once again shows how much he likes to get fucked.

Some annoying fading effects are used in place of editing early in the vid. But this distraction is minor compared to the out-and-out eroticism of the production. For your customers who want to see sex, and not love stories, this is a definite recommendation.

-Larry Wills

Stars: Alvin Eros, Brian Shawn, Cougar Cash, Earl Utah, Joshua Scott, Rusty Samuels, Taurice Cole

Director: Martinel

Released: 1994


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