ISO file of Pau Brasil The Wanting

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DescriptionISO file of Pau Brasil The Wanting

Country: Brazil
Directed by: Pietro
Studio: Pau Brasil Productions
Genre: Gays, blowjob, anal, group sex, latino, Muscle
Length: 1:25:01
Cast: Andre Tavares, Christian Motta, Gabriel Coelho, Jonas Pinheiro, Lucas Marssan, Pablo Picaco, Rogerio Van Damme, Willian Aldebarian

Reviewed by DesslockTX on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Another Pietro production usually means a light hearted flick filled with masculine, fit Brazilian models almost all sporting big tattoos, wagging foreskin and hot butts. This is no exception. Newly released on DVD by Video 8, The Wanting features five good scenes of these guys panting, poking and prodding.
Rogerio Van Damme seeks to sell an old, wreck of a house that he inherited. He shows it to the smooth, dark skinned realtor Andre Tavares (boxcover boy). After convincing him to sell it for him, the hairy Van Damme proceeds to get Tavares out of his clothes. After sucking and rimming, the owner tops him in two positions, pulling out to squirt a fountain of cum out of his fat dick.

Tavares first shows the property to a good looking gay couple, the tall Pablo Picaco (Stand at Attention) and the smaller Christian Motta. The hirsute Picaco sports a big dick, while Motta is more boyish and smooth. The two guys decide to test out the bedroom before making their purchasing decision.

This move could very well be the high point of the film.

The Wanting
Pablo Picaco &
Christian Motta
Motta has a great round ass that begs to be plugged. He and Picaco kiss, lick and suck on each other before getting down to some serious ass-cracking. Motta's talented mouth and ass are put through the stretch in accommodating Picaco's long member.
Picaco tops him doggie style, while occasionally bending over to plant a kiss on the tattoo on his back. After drilling his moaning boyfriend's hot hole in a variety of positions, they both shoot out thick loads of white cream. Next another couple shows up to see the house, but Tavares fails to appear. Gabriel Coelho (Brazilian Hard Hats) and Lucas Marssan decide to go in and check things out. Here again, the house's sexual spirit inspires them to remove their clothes and hump right there. Coelho is one of Brazil's seemingly inexhaustible supply of adorable bottoms. He squeals like a happy pig as Marssan rams him from behind.

Bellisima! he moans over and over.

After topping his doggie, Marssan switches around, and pumps him from above while turned 180 degrees. Both of these guys are muscular and smooth. Their sex scene is hot. Marssan shoots a gooey load of out his curved, upturned prick, and Coelho follows.

After thinking on it, Picaco apparently wants to meet the realtor again to discuss a price break. Because of the creaky floors and old wiring, the hung Brazilian wants a deep discount. Naturally that is an option Tavares can easily provide.

They go outdoors into the lawn, where Tavares gets on his knees to worship the potential buyer's big cock. Then Tavares hangs over a low wall to get his muscular ass eaten. With their legs up, the camera shows the big cock plugging away up close.

Tavares bounces away on this flagpole until they stand side to side and shoot their money shots.

Badpuppy ad In the final scene, house owner Van Damme is poking around the attic looking for salvageable furniture. He sees through a mirror two hot figures groping each other. The two are the house spirits that have been inspiring so much of the carnal delights by all the house's visitors.
Van Damme gets sucked into the mirror to have a three way with William Aldebarian and Jonas Pinheiro, both very hung, smooth hotties. These two have superfine Brazilian bodies, and watching them screwing is a treat.

Aldebarian gets his Brazilian hole plowed by both Pinheiro and Van Damme as well. Finally the two spirits spray their cum out of their big cock onto Van Damme.

Afterwards, the handsome apparitions have caused Van Damme to rethink his situation, and he tells Tavares to forget it.

This possessed house seems to be completely unlike The Amytiville Horror. With ghosts like Pinheiro and Aldebarian, staying there is a no brainer. The Wanting is a fun little film, and another good entry from Pietro's growing library of Brazilian movies.

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