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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-12-18 |
A collection of hot Asian boys, mostly couples, with a solo and some group thrown in here and there totaling 36 full length videos. lots of bareback action, pissing, facials, a little feet worship...
With all the crazy action that alone, would make this an excellent collecction, it has to be said that the beauty of these smooth sexy guys makes it that much better!

This is a collection that I have converted with FFMPEG into a MPEG2 format (*.ts) This format will stream over your network (chromecast, direct stream, dlna etc..) and should be compatible
with any device. I can play these on two different TVs )Panasonic, Vizio) Windows, Macs and Linux pcs,and android and apple phones without having to reformat. Most of the vids are between
8-45 mins long, DataRates average around 2500 kbps, at about 730x410, and a bunch at 700x575. AC3 Audio 192 bps 44100 sampling Here are the vids. The file extension is ".ts" but it will play
in any major media player, and device. I have also included an extensive image collection in .jpg format using screen captures caught at a regular intervals from every video.

ABV _I_Love_Cum.ts
ABV_ _AHotDayOut _Non&Golf.ts               
ABV_ _ThaiLocalBoys.ts
ABV_183 _TenderThai.ts                     
ABV_184 _Bird&Wee.ts
ABV_185 _FuckFun.ts                         
ABV_201 _BigCock.ts
ABV_203 _Celovestogetfucked.ts
ABV_204 _HornyJoe _.ts                     
ABV_262 _CocoNUTS.ts
ABV_269 _HornyTwinks.ts                     
ABV_275 _M&Jay.ts
ABV_408 _AssGames _twotwinks.ts
ABV_447 _Noi.ts                             
ABV_451 _Ming.ts
ABV_457 _Ot&Neung.ts                       
ABV_477 _Jack.ts
ABV_522 _HotOt _Solo.ts                     
ABV_524 _SexyThreesome _DewKaengPok.ts
ABV_555 _Lek _playspissandenemagames.ts     
ABV_556 _HornyCouple _Lek&Bon.ts
ABV_557 _Pok&Kaenghaveagreattimetogether.ts 
ABV_559 _SexLovers _DewlovessexsoheseducesBon.ts
ABV_560 _Ton _asexyandslendertwink.ts       
ABV_562 _Cute&Sweet _Num.ts
ABV_563 _HornyDew.ts                       
ABV_564 _HotCouple _HornyboysDew&Kaeng.ts
ABV_565 _SexyTwink _Aam.ts                 
ABV_BigDickBarebackers _Arjo&Andrew.ts     
ABV_SexyFeet _Aon,GusandSim.ts
ABV_TastyBoys _Golf_Net.ts                 
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