Jay's Stop and Go Edging

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DescriptionRich has 28 year old Jay tied to a bar stool, slowly stroking his
big, curved cock while the young man gasps, moans and hisses,
squirming in his seat, obviously tormented.  When he has him
totally aroused, Rich tells him he loves making straight guys act
like little pigs.  He wants him to work for his nut.  He then starts his
stop and go stroking, 10 or 15 slow strokes, then a pause, two steps
forward and one back, and Jay goes wild, so close to his reward
but not quite there, forced to struggle for us to watch.  Jay's cock
looks so big and powerful, yet it's being tormented and controlled
by an old man.  Jay does as he's told, struggling but eventually
shooting a powerful load just the way Rich wants.  Unfortunately,
he didn't ask for permission before he shot and got a mean,
punishment milking.

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