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Badmasterboys bmb - Allotment Action Part 1

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DescriptionPart 1 of the session. 4 masters dominate one slave. Hard and real face slaps and kicks. Foot fetish, licking shoes, human foot stool, constant spits, even phlegm, and dirt eating. The session involves no sex.

Full video description from the Bad Master Boys website :

A lovely summer's day. Dossler is enjoying a couple of relaxing hours in his allotment. Four young guys creep around his property while he's looking for some garden tools - Heiko, Marc, Rex and Domi. The four lads are looking for the right place to party. Dossler allotment seems to fit the bill, not least as the owner doesn't seem to be around. Heiko , Marc, Rex and Domi climb over the fence and settle down on the lawn - but then they realise that they're not alone after all. Dossler loses it and runs up to them and tells them off:' 'Get lost, you've no business being here here.'But the more Dossler gets worked up, the more the four lads are up for teaching this loser a lesson. They've only one thing on their mind, which is to torment and degrade Dossler The allotment guy goes through hell. He is helpless in the hands of his four tormentors. The torture foursome ties him to a tree and show unbelievable brutality in the way they abuse him. Dossler wimpers in pain as the lads kick him and slap him in the chops again and again. What's even worse for Dossler than the pain is the humiliation which is inflicted on him. Heiko is particularly nasty. He pretends to look with sympathy at the loser as he says' You've got to swallow everything that gets into your mouth' What that includes is huge quantities of spit as well as grass, cigarette ash, fag ends and even the dirt from between the planks on the veranda. Every now and again the other members of the torture group lend a hand by forcing their victim's mouth open. Powerful stuff! The lads also enjoy having the dirt licked from their shoes. When later they take their trainers off, Dossler almost passes out.....
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