The Antton Harri Story: The Beginning

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Features 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, Kissing, Sucking, Licking, Rimming, Fingering, Face Cum Shots, Dildo Play and Sperm Swallowing.

Antton Harri already has some experience with nude modelling and has starred in three porn films so far in his career. His experiences leave him feeling cheated by some rather unscrupulous characters in the porn industry. Hes has, therefore, decided to take matters into his own hands.

Antton visits a film studio in Germany and meets the studio owners, the casting director, models and make-up artists. Thinks look up for him when he meets a German TV camera crew who are charmed by his desire to fulfill his dream. Never before has a real TV channel made a documentary about a gay porn star!

Antton is determined to let nothing get in the way of realising his dream, so without hesitation he gets intimate with the studio director, who doesn't refuse his sexual advances. Later, he gets horny with other handsome models and studio staff.

Starring Antton Harri, Kevin Bloomquist, Sven Dickson, Bruno Din, Julian Meinel, Dean Moore, Lorenz Popkov, Rick Sandersson, Jae Scala, Olaf Schneider and Jack Van Dean.

Directed by Marcel Bruckmann.

This is Anton Harri's debut film.

Anal sex and orgy scenes included.
2010-05-11 21:37:17
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