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(2005, 90 min.)
Country: Brazil
Director: Pietro (Manuguerra)
Starring: Alan Bueno, Apollo Max, Caio Peron, Felix Lins, Gustavo Moreira, Leo, Rock, Tommy Castelleri
Studio: Pau Brasil Productions/Tribal Pulse Productions

A trainer at the gym, Felix Lins is a very cute, lean fellow with a brow piercing. His pupil is the equally adorable Tommy Castellari, sporting a tattoo on one arm. Felix is definitely a touchy-feely trainer, which leads to clothing removal and groping right on the gym floor. An appreciative Tommy thanks his trainer with a lip-smacking blowjob. Felix seems to be proud of the butt he's helped train, so he tongue-fucks between the cheeks that Tommy has obviously worked hard to make all pillowy. Whatever you want to call this part of the lesson, Tommy gets that ass fucked very well by Felix. Felix is off like a shot and in a great speedy hurry the whole time. Since Tommy's ass is so welcoming, the speed is no problem. Tommy's rippling ass makes the scene easy to watch, and when he bounces on Felix, he's an obvious bottoming pro who needs no training.

Roque Gaucho is the only man in Beauty Prison to sport facial hair! Muscular and inked as well, he's a hot specimen who is left alone on the floor with Yuri doing bench presses. Roque is only spotting and his muscles are bursting from his skin, but Yuri, tattooed as well and sporting a matinee idol face, isn't in the mood for benching. He wants to blow Roque and does so with a generous, sensual mouth. The thick curving cock fits in his mouth ideally, and he very nearly makes it all the way down. As with all of the scenes here, there is no mutual blowing, just a moment of fingering from Roque before he crams his ass into jockstrapped Yuri and fucks him. These two musclebound guys are ideal for playing the way Roque wants to play. He's powerful with a hint of piggishness, and Yuri moans taking it all. The thickness definitely fits all the way here. Roque isn't lacking in sweetness, though, sucking at Yuri's feet as he continues his assault on his ass. Yuri gets to show off his skills in riding as well, his muscular ass dreamily plunging down on Roque's dick. Roque goes back to his insane work, throwing his leg up over Yuri's body, standing on one leg as he tops doggy. He plunks a shot on Yuri's chest, so the maintenance man won't have anything mysterious to mop up!

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