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My Blake Mason - After Hours - Small World, Big Dicks Favorite Episodes

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DescriptionLuke Entices Straight Paul Into A Shared Wank

Luke's a very cunning and horny young guy. He works on a building site with plenty of fit guys but none of them know his secret - he's not straight and he's got a very cute boyfriend at home! Yep, Luke loves cock and he's made it his mission to see his work-mate Paul naked and hard... but how the hell is he going to do it? Well, Luke's got a plan... and a secret weapon! He chats away to Paul about sex with his girlfriend and then pulls out a girly mag which really grabs Paul's attention. Sensing his work buddy is getting turned on from the naked pictures, Luke takes a risk and tugs down his work-gear and begins jacking off! Paul's somewhat shocked but also horny... and it doesn't take long before Luke's dreams cum true and Paul's jerking off next to him...

Luke Desmond and Paul Walker

Duration: 20 minutes

Res. 960x540

Rel. April 30, 2010
An After Work Cum Draining For Luke And Aarron

Luke's spent the day cleaning the house and he's just finishing up doing the dishes. He's got a hard-on and it's in desperate need of attention... so when Aarron (his boyfriend) returns home from work he asks for some relief! Aarron's?in a teasing mood but soon he's happily releasing Luke's pent up dick and goes down on him. Naturally Aarron's dick needs sucking too and there's no way Luke's going to deny him - he knows who wears the trousers in this house! With the guys eagerly sucking each other's dicks, Aarron decides to make this even more tasty and raids the fridge for yogurt and toffee sauce! Playful and incredibly horny, the guys end up on the work top and jerk each other off... and then set about playing with each other's cum in what's a very real and natural film

Luke Desmond and Aarron

Duration: 19 minutes

Res. 960x540

Rel. May 7, 2010
Hung Luke Loves Some Cruising Cock!

Luke wakes up next to his beautiful boyfriend with his usual morning wood and takes a quick shower, get's dressed and prepares to leave for work. But he knows Aarron's got a hard-on beneath that duvet and can't resist kissing it goodbye for the day! But it's on his way home from work that things really heat up - he innocently stops to give a stranger a light for his cigarette and gets pounced on for sex... Luke just can't refuse - he didn't have time to jerk-off that morning and he's had a raging boner all day. William's soon on his knees and sucking Luke's mammoth cock before moving him inside from the alley so he can fuck him good and proper! Stopping mid way through for another bout of blowjobs (both guys having sensational uncut cocks) they finish up with Luke cumming while getting fucked... and William leaves Luke with something to remember him by too.

Luke Desmond and William Brooklyn

Duration: 20 minutes

Res. 960x540

Rel. May 14, 2010
Hung Luke Knows How To Distract Aarron

Luke returns home rather late after his spontaneous fuck-fest with William and Aarron's not happy! Luke has to think quickly as to why he's got cum all over his work clothes and why he's 2 hours late...? and he just about gets away with. Why? Mainly because Aarron's horny and he wants sex and somehow Luke knows that he can't refuse! Heading to the shower to clean up, Aarron follows and the guys are quickly making out, sucking each other's dicks and fooling around. After drying off it's back to the sofa for some more cock sucking before Aarron fucks Luke's sore ass! Poor guy... but after riding his boyfriend they switch and Luke ploughs the length of his dick in to Aarron... and he loves it!

Aarron and Luke Desmond

Duration: 19 minutes

Res. 960x540

Rel. May 21, 2010
Footballer Group Wank In The Showers!

Really, what is Luke like? Straight after getting back from his camping trip with Brez he's off playing 5 aside football with a few mates... and no sooner has someone suggested wanking off in the shower than he turns it in to a jerk-off competition where the loser has to buy the after-match beers! That boy just can't get enough cock... or get enough off his straight mates to cum in front of him ;-) Hitting the showers, the guys soap themselves up and get clean before they focus their minds on the competition and jerking one out. There's plenty of banter between them but it's Alex who's really horned up and who blows his load first... but who will be buying the beers? 4 guys left to choose from!

Alex P, Luke Desmond, Samuel, Tony Parker

Duration: 19 minutes

Res. 960x540

Rel. July 30, 2010
A Live Show For Aarron In The Storeroom

Billy's taken over from William B at the nightclub - it seems his interview went the same way as Jake's! He's helping delivery-man Fraser to put some stock away and it seems Fraser is on the look-out for a new job too. Billy offers to interview him "Aarron" style and Fraser seems very keen to please... down on his knees he goes to worship cock like it's supposed to be worshipped ;-) Aarron arrives back and catches his new barman and delivery-man at it but he's not actually that angry. He's got a twisted plan in mind and takes out his phone to film the action. Of course, being the boss Aarron likes to give orders and neither Billy or Fraser object to his demands! After a quick fuck it all ends with Aarron and Billy raining a huge deluge of cum down on to Fraser's very cute face and chest...

Duration: 20 minutes

Res. 960x540

Rel. Sept. 10, 2010
13. Some Rebound Cock For Horny Alex! Alex C, Dylan B

Alex is pissed off with his cheating boyfriend? and it's got to end. He's on the phone and tells him it's over... but his frustration is spotted by Dylan who goes over to make sure he's alright. They get chatting and head off to a bar to have a drink together- good-natured Dylan is keen to make sure his cute new friend is going to be OK... Several drinks later and it's time to leave but Alex invites Dylan back for coffee - "just coffee"! Well, we've all heard that one before and as it turns out, Alex doesn't have any coffee in the house. Horny and free from his cheating ex-boyfriend, Alex makes a move on Dylan. He's soon gulping down on his big dick and getting a good fucking...

14. Luke Finally Gets His Straight Mates Big Cock Brez Wild, Luke Desmond

Workmate's Brez and Luke are at it again... Brez has just moved to his new place and Luke has come on over to give him a hand with the decorating. Luke has more than just painting walls on his agenda though - while they're decorating Luke's cock simply won't let him forget what he'd rather be doing... yes, that's right... Luke is desperate for round three with Brez and wants to see just how far he can push his straight mate! It didn't take much persuasion for Brez to down tools and reach in to Luke's pants. They wank each other to full mast before Luke's on his knees and sucking in as much of Brez's fine uncut cock as he could handle! And Luke's cock couldn't get any harder - until Brez decides he wants to taste man meat again... but Luke wants to take it a step further and hesitantly asks if he's up for fucking his ass! Brez just can't resist such an invitation...

15. A Late Checkout For JP Results in A Hot Fuck JP, Karl S

JP's a very randy young man, isn't he? Following on from taking time off work to fuck Luke D, he's back behind the reception desk and making sure all of the Hotel's guests have checked out on time. But one hasn't... and JP clocked him the previous day as a potential fuck! Eager to ensure complete customer satisfaction, JP makes a personal check on his guest to make sure he's "up"! And "up" he was... or at least his cock was! On entering the room JP spies a nice thick hard-on and he just can't resist trying it on with Karl as he begins to wake up. Luckily for JP, Karl's more than up for some "morning glory" fun and so the guys set about some serious blow-job interaction... until Karl decides to slide his fat dick deep in to JP's pert tight ass. Oh, heaven sure is place on Earth.

16. Fraser Seduces Hunky Handyman Matt Fraser, Matt Brookes

Fraser certainly earned the barman's job after his somewhat un-orthodox? interview with Aarron and Billy S back in Episode 12! That one ended with the guys spraying their cum all over his very handsome face and it would seem that's just the way he likes it given how things worked out in this update. You've got to love a nice facial - and Fraser sure needed another one - desperately ;-) So what made this one happen? Well, the sink behind that rickety old bar started to leak so Aarron called JP at the hotel to see if his handyman could fix it for him. Fortunately, the very handy (and randy!) Matt B was up for the job but a certain spark occurred when he met Fraser (who was on duty behind the bar). Needless to say these guys wanted a bit in the side... and that's just what they gave each other!

17. Seth Gets Double The Dick In The Woods! Billy S, Seth R, Tony Parker

Billy was chatting to a customer in the bar who told him about an excellent place to go "dogging". He called up Tony to see if he'd be up for giving the place a try and sure enough... he was! When they arrive at the secret location they chat away and spy for some potential fuck - and who should be there but Seth ;-) After walking over and asking for a light for their cigarettes (it's secret code for man-sex in such places!) it's not long before their cocks are and being sucked through the car window! Seth sure is great at sucking dick - Billy and Tony are very impressed with his tongue and throat technique which makes them very horny guys! But they want more - especially Billy - who's been dreaming of fucking a nice tight ass all week. Clearly the road-side car-park is too risky and so they head in to the bushes for a nice, satisfying fuck.

18. Paul Needs Some Paid Company Alex C, Paul B

A new guest checks in at Hotel International and he's feeling horny! He goes to his room and browses through a magazine searching for an escort to satisfy his needs. The lovely and very cute Alex catches his eye and he calls him up... and 10 minutes later he's sitting his hotel room! Cash changes hands and then Alex strips for his latest client who certainly approves of his purchase ;-) Moving over to join Alex,?Paul thrusts his cock in to his mouth and enjoys a nice long blowjob. He then sucks on Alex's uncut dick before the guys get lost in some hot rimming and more cock-sucking. Finally?Paul wants to fuck and suddenly he's pounding away inside Alex's tight hot hole! Thrusting away until they're both ready to cum, I think it's fair to say that?Paul got his money's worth.

Duration: 2.16 hrs. (1 file)

Res. 720x540

Rel. 09 - 12/2010
A Big Dick Fourgy To End A Good Night Out

The guys have been out on the town and return home to Shane's place for a few more drinks but they're all feeling a bit frustrated at not pulling any talent. Out come the cards and they decide to play Strip Pontoon... but while Brez is in the toilet Luke finally tells his mates about what they've secretly been getting up to. Before Brez returns they agree to make the game a bit more interesting ;-) When Shane let's on that they know what's been going between Luke and Brez it's all a little bit embarrassing... until Brez makes out it's no big deal. The game continues and at the last hand they raise the stakes - the losers have to give sexual favours to the victors! Not that anyone really minds who wins or loses just as long as they get to have some sex! And so with Luke beating Brez he finally gets his long awaited prize - he gets to fuck Brez.

Brez Wild, JP, Luke Desmond, Shane H

Duration: 27 minutes

Res. 960x540

Rel. Dec. 17, 2010
Fraser Loves Sucknig Straight Gloryhole Cock

Straight guy Nathaniel has been talking with some of his gay mates about just how good they give head - in fact they even told him where real expert cock-suckers hang out! He sneaks to the location and thrusts his raging hard-on through the hole in the wall... and who should happen to be waiting? None other than Fraser and if there's one thing he can never say "no" to it's a hard cock begging to be licked, sucked and worshipped! Down on his knees he goes, grabbing Nathaniel's cock and stoking his foreskin back and forth. A tender lick here and there gets both guys horned up and then Fraser really goes to town on that fabulous throbbing cock! Sucking, kissing wanking... oh, and not forgetting those lovely balls, Nathaniel gets the oral work-out he was promised and ends up spunking all over Fraser's hungry face. And Fraser... well, he just won't stop sucking that cock until he shoots his own load.

Fraser, Nathaniel B

Duration: 20 minutes

Res. 960x540

Rel. Dec. 31, 2010
A Strained Muscle Leads To A Strained Arse

Fraser and Luke have become buddies since they met each other at Aaron's bar (Luke still doesn't know that Aaron filmed Billy fucking Fraser in the beer cellar!). They've decided to improve their fitness levels and head out for a jog together along the local canal but Fraser develops a groin strain. Luke naturally offers to help Fraser out and massages his strained muscle... But that's not the only muscle that responds to his touch! Moving to a more secluded area, the massage intensifies until Luke's stroking away at Fraser's swollen cock. Not one to let an opportunity pass him by, Luke sinks to his knees and sucks away before Fraser swops positions and returns the favour. The inevitable finally happens and Fraser gives Luke a good fucking up against the tree

Fraser, Luke Desmond

Duration: 20 minutes

Res. 960x540

Rel. Jan. 14, 2011
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