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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-10-12 |
All Worlds Video. Chi Chi LaRue


Casey Williams
David Pierre
Dean Temple
Lee Driver
Luke Savage
Ralph Steel
Vince Bandero

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Let's face it. No one does oral like Chi Chi LaRue. It's her livelihood. She loves it, and it shows. Her oral films, for the most part, completely rock because she has a gift for putting together gorgeous men who enjoy each other's company. Butt Munch 2 is no exception.

Let's start with the technical stuff, because that's really what the people are looking for, right? Look - technicians are people, too, and a lot of the technical aspects kick in this vid. First up is LaRue's direction, which is, to quote the diva herself, "Fabulous!" The art direction is also great. The entire video takes place in a dungeon bathed in reds and blacks and chains, complete with a giant chain-link spider web strung up that the guys grab hold of as tongues and lips invade their nether (and not-so-nether) orifices. It's a cool piece of work. The videography is great - tight shots on happy lads with their mouths full. Not to mention that the box cover is fan-fuckin-tastic!

Let's put it this way - Butt Munch 2 is like a mini Link video, without all the messy assplay.

The basic costume is this: Jockstrap and boots. That's it. So if that turns you on, grab a cum rag and get ready to party. We are introduced to such clad hunks as David Pierre and Dean Temple, who are in the midst of an oral game. Whoever can suck the other's cock the best gets well, the other guy's cock. Both guys have amazing asses - as do most of the guys in this video - and Temple loves to talk dirty in that sweet lil' Southern twang of his. They take turns sucking and rimming each other in a revolving armless dentist's chair before they both explode, oozing spooge everywhere.

Next up is Spike, who always seem well at home in oral videos. His is a mouth that goes anywhere there's an opening, and he buries his face in whatever job he's doing. This is a guy to keep around the house. His lucky partners are Lee Driver (who I just love) and Luke Savage (who gets better with each video he does), and he alternately swallows each rod and rims each guy into ecstasy. That's not to say the other two aren't kept busy with Spike's 10-incher waving around. Again, hot holes, big cocks, voracious sexual appetites. Another sweat-drenched scene.

The final scene begins orgy-ish, then breaks up and heads back into orgy formation. Savage, Casey Williams and Vince "oh-my-God-could-a-Latino-be-any-fucking-hotter?" Bandero. They slurp one another for a while, then LaRue drops new ingredients into her oral recipe: Driver joins in, then sexy German hunk Ralph Steele, who ravages Driver's succulent butt hole (and come on, who wouldn't?), then Temple and finally Pierre. Bandero opens up his tasty hole so that Driver can get his tongue burrowed inside. (Why don't I ever get invited to places like this?) Then they start to branch off into two scenarios: Driver, Bandero and Savage play with each other, and Williams, Pierre, Steele and Temple find a chair where each takes turns getting their butts licked clean from the others. It's an incredible sequence. The scene culminates in a seven-man oral rim chain, where tongues continue to explore holes - there had to have been some aching jaws afterwards from all the chewing these guys did.

Finally, briefly, Pierre squats on Steele's big German sausage and rides it until he cums and all the other guys bathe him in their own joy juice.

For fans of rimming and sucking, this is the video for you! Just watching the chemistry that each of these guys has is unbelievable. They have no problem hopping from butt to butt - and they're all incredible sexual acrobats. Some of the contorted positions that some of these guys get into just so they can get a tongue up their butt would make a chiropractor shrink away in terror.

So pull up a chair, spread your legs and let the boys work their magic! 

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