RB Built 2 Fuck

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Built tough; built 2 fuck

Brock Traynor and Cayden Ross have been eyeing each other up for months. Two mountains of hot jock muscle just dying to get their rock hard cocks primed and ready for some intense hardcore fucking. Cayden starts off by engulfing Brock's monster member all the way down that talented throat of his. This drives Brock absolutely crazy, so he grabs Cayden's head and starts face fucking him. And since Cayden likes it rough, this turns him on even more until he's practically begging Brock to plunge his huge dick deep inside his hungry hole. And when their muscular bodies get slick with sweat and lube and Brock is busy ramming Cayden's ass with his huge meatstick it's all bulging biceps, flexing abs and bouncing pecks. Not to mention some sexy Glutes.

3 way muscle Fuck

Braden Charron and Chris Rockway seemed like a natural pair for a hardcore threesome, but rather than rest on our laurels we threw in Kevin Falk as the wild card. Kevin sends out a sexual vibe that few men can resist. And once he gets it in his mind that he wants something, most guys are more than happy to give it up. These three guys get so into it, fucking, sucking, flipping, taking turns. Braden shoots his load then looks over as Kevin covers his own chest in thick creamy goo. Then Chris has to share his load leaving Kevin practically swimming in cum. Now that's a hot scene.

Made to take it deep

Someone had left a copy of the Kama Sutra laying around just were Brandon Kent and Christian Sharp could find it. Next thing you know they are trying out all different kinds of sexual positions and both are getting so horny they can't stand it. Plus, there's an attraction between them that really comes across on screen. Brandon is a really sexy guy. The way he looks into the camera while he's getting fucked, as if he's daring you to join him. Meanwhile, Christian has that perfect mixture of absolute adorable and steamy hot. You'll love seeing Brandon's jizz pour out onto his chest with Christian's cock still ramming deep inside him. And with Christian adding his own hot steamy load to it you get the perfect ending to an amazing video."

Bonus: Bodybuilder strokin' his meat (Austin Skyes)

It's no secret I love go-go boys. Something about seeing a guy onstage in little more than a g-string or short shorts, bumping and grinding in time to the music just drives me wild. But I do find that a lot of them have a similar build. The kind of build you often find on my site, nice and muscular but still lean and well defined. So the other day I was in Oklahoma City on business and decided to check out a local club. I'm checking out the dancers, as I usually do, when one of them catches my eye. He was unlike any of the ther dancers in the bar and unlike most of the ones I've seen. He was HUGE! Built like a brick wall with mountains of thick beefy muscle covering his beautiful body. But the other thing that hit me was his face. He had the most adorable face.
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