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These are scenes I've used recently to bust a nut.

My particular kinks include young guys with hairy legs, inky black pits, and furry asses; boys with big dicks (especially guys whose soft cocks are still impressive pieces of meat with some swing and heft); and some believeable power dynamic: the submissive cocksucker hungry for a load, the dominant top aching to get off, or the fratboy or jock with an attitude demanding that he be serviced.

There is nothing sexier for me than a young verbal top, who offers his cock to another dude -- or the submissive worship of a cock you witness when a cocksucker falls to his knees and begins the task of coaxing a load from the nuts of the guy who stands over him in masculine domination.

Watching a guy get blown is awesome: the look on his face when he surrenders his dick to the mouth of the cocksucker, the fascination you often see in straight men's eyes while they watch their cock being sucked by another dude, then — if you're lucky — the look of domination when they decide to fuck the guy's throat. Watching a really well-hung dude (9"+) plow into a throat is a peak experience for me and always gets me to cum.

If a top talks during the blow job I will instantly get and stay rock hard. Most cocksuckers don't need to be told what to do, but it's hot to hear a guy try to dominate the man who has his cock in his mouth with instructions on how to please him. I think it's a way for many straight men to claim the higher ground psychologically when they know they are completely at the mercy of the cocksucker. I beg the parents of the world: please teach your sons to talk to their cocksuckers.

If any of this gets you off, leave a note.  And thanks for watching.  And a special thanks to all the young dudes — in gyms and garages and back rooms and hotels and parks — who let guys kneel before you and suck.
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