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The Best of Manuel Torres (2004 - 2006)

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DescriptionRaging Stallion - The Best of Manuel Torres (2004 - 2006)

Duration: 3h 27mn
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Display aspect ratio: 4:3
Frame rate: 30.000 fps

Cast: Derrick Hanson, Enrico Vega, Hunter James, Manuel Torres, Mario Cruz, Miguel Leonn, Pete Ross, Sergio Anthony, Tag Adams, Taurus Dean, Tony Acosta, Vin Nolan.

Tough As Nails

Taurus Dean directs himself in a pairing with RSS exclusive Manuel Torres. Manuel has a huge cock and Taurus has a hungry hole, so this one turns into a match made in heaven. Taurus also had something to prove to company president Chris Ward: he wanted to show that he is one of the best actors working today! And boy does he deliver! Taurus and Manuel fuck in so many positions--each one carefully chosen to show off deep and powerful penetration. The videography by Ben Leon is excellent, showing you every single thrust! This is a showstopper of a scene and one that you will play over and over again!


A lone sentry stands watch at the marketplace, bathed in the blue light of an ancient midnight. Manuel Torres, one of Raging Stallion's top exclusives, finds his night watch dull. No criminals, no passersby, no nothing... He notices a stir in his crotch and looks down. He feels his growing cock under his robes. He makes sure no one is watching. No one is. Except for our camera, that is. We are peeping toms, watching as Manuel offers a private performance. His cock is huge, his chest broad, his stomach tight and cut. He pulls his dark meat back and forth, showing off his foreskin and his well-rounded balls. He enjoys himself in the night and we enjoy it with him. By the time he cums, the camera is very close. The lens is hit by his cum so that it fills your TV screen! You want to lick it off. Manuel...good job.

Hot Properties

The real estate office is being manned by dirty little blond boy Pete Ross. Pete looks innocent enough, all decked out in his well-pressed tie. But behind those apple-pie good looks is something more complicated. You see, gentlemen, he is another one of those guys who can't control himself when presented with a dark, swarthy, hairy, tattooed, good looking Latin stud. And guess what? In walks RSS exclusive Manuel Torres! All talk of the housing market soon ends and what happens next is one of the great moments of the film. Pete has never performed better, and Torres shows his porn star talents in a way that makes him a leading contender for a long and successful video career. His cock and Pete's blond ass are the porn equivalent of MUST SEE TV! Needless to say, this pairing will leave everyone satisfied!


Vin Nolan is home alone when his buddies Manuel and Sergio Anthony stop by. These three studs use the large, spacious loft not as a bedroom, but as a sex club: sweating testosterone on every wall. In front of the windows across from a huge construction site, the three men work themselves up into an all-out oral orgy. Sergio serves as the bottom as he takes turns choking on Manuel's and Vin's competing cocks. Whose cock is bigger? Sergio doesn't care! He goes straight for them both! Filmed with an eye that sees both beauty and raw sexuality, these boys stand over Sergio as he brings them to climax with the skills of his mouth, finishing himself off as Vin and Manuel cum.

Sergio Anthony is a hot little Latin fucker. He might look cute and innocent, but underneath it all he is a pig. He wants dick on both ends and Vin and Manuel sure deliver. This scene begins on one side of the room and moves all the way to the other. It is an all-out wall-to-wall sexcapade and these three men are the players. Sergio first takes Manuel's dick up his ass, then Vin’s, with the alternating dick in his mouth. Every inch of the room gets used as Vin and Manuel tear up Sergio's eager asshole first on the couch in multiple positions and then on the bed. Three beautiful studs shoot three beautiful loads, leaving Sergio with a cum-covered chest and a large smile.

Passport To Paradise

We start with Manuel Torres, an RSS exclusive who has been one of Raging Stallion's best-kept secrets! Raging Stallion is actively expanding its New York model base, and Manuel is one of our east coast Latin heartthrobs. This man has sex appeal! Combine that with Panama-born Mario Cruz and the fireworks can't be stopped! These guys suck and fuck and you know they are proud Latin gay studs--fucking for your enjoyment (and for ours!!!). After many wonderfully filmed positions, enter Enrico Vega--another New Yorker long associated with Raging Stallion (remember him in Stick it In!). The fucking gets really good as Enrico revs up his engine, but he saves the best for Pete Ross, who now enters the fray, propping his sweet ass up in the air for a Latin gang bang. Cum shots start to fly. A stunning crescendo and a dramatic entry into the library of Gay Adult Erotica.

Stoked part 1

Like a bolt from the blue, the screen is filled with the cherubic face of the Crown prince of all sluts, the truly remarkable TAG ADAMS. He’s joined by yet another Raging Stallion discovery, MANUEL TORRES. MANUEL and his partner in crime TONY ACOSTA are prepared to take TAG on the filthiest ride of his life! What follows defies description as these pumped and stoked mega sluts fuck and suck with a steely-eyed determination few mammals have ever survived. I imagine dinosaur sex was like this, all power and explosion held together by just the need to shoot and then collapse, spent beyond renewal. These guys are even beyond that, building the final moments into an almost blinding frenzy of spit and jizz. This is one scalding hot, molten three-way which must be seen to be believed!

Team Players

Manuel Torres is undressing in the locker room. In walks Hunter James, a young sports jock with his own amazing bat. Manuel, also worried about being caught with his pants down, is a bit nervous, but Hunter's huge cock is too much bait to ignore. Manuel--one of the great stars in modern porn--goes down for a blowjob that is in itself a study in all-male sexuality. HOT! HOT!! HOT!!

After Hunter sprays his cum, Manuel gets back to his work. Teammate Derrick Hanson comes in and before long Manuel is rock hard, focused exclusively on Derrick's young, perfect ass. Derrick knows how to keep Manuel going--show him (and us) his hole!!! Director Chris Ward takes great pride in this scene, commenting, "This was one of the easiest scenes I have ever shot--the chemistry between these men was so strong that all we had to do was point and shoot! Derrick is going to be one of the hottest new stars of 2005, and Manuel Torres once again proved to be one of Raging Stallion's best exclusive players! This is fucking at its best!" What more needs to be said?

Matt Woods, Gay Chicago Magazine

Manuel Torres is one of my favorite RSS tops. With bronze, swarthy skin, a sultry look, sexy tattoos, the perfect amount of chest fur, and an uncut dick guaranteed to satisfy the hungriest of assholes, Torres is not what you would consider a power top. But he is exactly the type of guy I’d love to hear welcoming me home from work for the next 20 or so years. Or even just once.

The first scene, from Tough as Nails, is the longest, and features two consecutive fuck and cum scenes with Taurus. It’s not the most smoothly edited scene from RSS, but it delivers a very hot fuck. Next come scenes from two early Torres videos I hadn’t seen, Hot Properties (where he’s paired with hot-for-papi Pete Ross), and Stoked (where he’s paired with sex-pig cub Tag Adams). Next, his solo from Arabesque gives him ample opportunity for lots of serious foreskin play, and ends with a dripper right on the camera lens.

One of my favorite releases from RSS in years past was the underrated baseball-themed Team Players. Here he gives blond twink Hunter James a quickie blowjob in the locker room, and after not getting any relief from James (who was insane enough to leave without letting his ass taste Torres’ meat), fucks the all-to-willing Derrick Hanson. My favorite scene in that video, however, was the dugout oral orgy, recorded while a game was actually being played on the field with a crowd watching in the stands. This is a scene I would have liked others get a chance to experience, so I guess you’ll have to just purchase the original to get to see it.

Other vignettes include a group scene from the latin-themed Passport to Paradise, which features an orgy in a lush, exotic setting, and a three-way from Manhattan.

At three and a half hours, The Best of Manuel Torres packs a major punch.
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