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StraightFraternity Collection

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DescriptionA collection of StraightFraternity.com videos, saved from the website in .wmv format. It is not a comprehensive collection, rather
files saved by the name of the main actor, all from recent productions.

Seedpoints appreciated!

AaronAndCody.wmv 160mb
AaronAndJunior.wmv 204mb
AbelAndAngel.wmv 209mb
AbelAndCorey.wmv 271mb
Andreas.wmv 141mb
AngelAndTrevor.wmv 229mb
Anthony.wmv 223mb
AnthonyAndAce.wmv 254mb
Axle.wmv 184mb
BertAndZander.wmv 324mb
Bradley.wmv 203mb
BrianAndGeovani.wmv 222mb
CodyAndCraig.wmv 175mb
CodyAndJacob.wmv 205mb
ConnorAndDiego.avi 300mb
Dade.wmv 272mb
DaltonAndTommy.wmv 204mb
DaltonAndTrevor.wmv 240mb
DamianAndCody.wmv 231mb
DaxAndLeon.wmv 177mb
Dee.wmv 229mb
Dee2.wmv 294mb
DenimAndGeovani.wmv 243mb
Derek.wmv 216mb
Derekwhite.wmv 102mb
DexterAndTrevor.wmv 154mb
DougAndAllen.wmv 245mb
Eddy.wmv 206mb
EnriqueAndWarren.wmv 255mb
EvanAndAngel.wmv 209mb
Jacob.wmv 283mb
JacobAndScrappy.wmv 256mb
JacobAndTj.wmv 271mb
JamesAndLex.wmv 149mb
Jason.wmv 183mb
Jasper.wmv 88mb
JosephAndRyker.wmv 306mb
KaeAndWarren.wmv 449mb
KevinAndWarren.wmv 218mb
LeeAndJohnny.wmv 276mb
Lex.wmv 177mb
LexAndTrevor.wmv 234mb
Luigi.wmv 543mb
Marky.wmv 227mb
MarkyAndDenim.wmv 218mb
MarkyAndTrevor.wmv 129mb
MichaelAndEddy.wmv 167mb
MichaelAndMilo.wmv 297mb
NathanAndRyan.wmv 168 mb
NitoAndBJ.wmv 154mb
Parker.wmv 193mb
RyanAndGeovanni.wmv 250mb
Ryker.wmv 288mb
TeddyAndAiden.wmv 233mb
Tj.wmv 190mb
TjAndTyler.wmv 377mb
Trevor.wmv 200mb
Trey.wmv 278mb
TurkCarterNikko.wmv 338mb
TyAndTrevor.wmv 243mb
TyRomeoAndBo.wmv 370mb
Warren.wmv 211mb
WarrenAndKae.wmv 449mb
WarrenAndRyan.wmv 371mb
ZanderAndCory.wmv 257mb
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Num files78 files