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I've been promising these for ages, but here are the first sets of missing (never published, as far as I am aware) teens-boys-world.com photo galleries.

I call these 2 sets - Cuban tease (for the simple reason that's what they are - there's not a dick shot from either of these 2 cute lads, so please don't bother downloading if you're looking for full frontal nudity because you won't find it here). To expand on this: Evert is the biggest tease (or at least his gallery is), because there is not a single shot of his dick or his ass, but you do get to see him on the beach, shirtless with a long pair of shorts on. However there are some ass shots of Ambert and there are hints of his dick (see the sample pics to see what I mean by "hints").

Originally these 2 galleries were designed to be published at the same time as Lamberto's gallery (another Cuban set, albeit one where you do actually get to see some dick). Unlike the Lamberto gallery, TBW seem to have decided never to publish these 2 sets for some reason (possibly because of the lack of cock on show, but maybe not because that theory doesn't hold up for some other unpublished material I'll upload at later date *if* there's enough interest).

Anyway I'm not sure if a TBW photographer was on holiday in Cuba when he took these or whether another photographer took them for TBW. However there are some picture postcards included with the sets (perhaps suggesting that it was a photographer on holiday). By picture postcards, I mean there's 18 photos which show various scenes around Havana, ie with zero erotic content and which have nothing at all (as far as I can tell anyway) to do with each of the lads in the main photographs. I've included these for the sake of completeness, but if you don't want to download them set your torrent program to skip the files which are named with double digits only (eg 00.jpg). There was also a set of these postcards linked to Lamberto's gallery, which (as far as I am aware) were not published either, so again I have included these for the sake of comppleteness. To be frank I don't rate the postcards highly at all and I say that as someone who appreciates good travel photography, but these, whilst being nicely composed, seem totally lacking in any ooomph that I expect from good travel pics. I've included a couple of samples above, so you can get an idea of what these are like.

Want More Missing Sets?

If you would like me to upload the other missing sets that I have, please do one of the following:

* hit the button to say "thanks" (how easy is that) - if enough people do this alone, I'll upload some more of the missing sets

* give me some seed bonus (*if* you can spare it)

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Want the New Ugo?

Have you seen TBW's latest new model, Andy? I think he could be the "new Ugo" - he's another attractive, cute and very young looking legal boy (some would say even younger looking than Ugo). You can see 3 sample pics of him in the TBW Fantasy Game (although note that I think he looks younger in many of the pics I didn't post, but to be frank I get a bit nervous about including such pics in the Fantasy Game). Anyway if you would like me to upload his full gallery you need to "like" at least 5 scenarios in the Fantasy Game by clicking on the "thumbs up" icon *below* the posts that you like. At least one of these should be a scenario involving Andy (at the time of writing you have 4 Andy scenarios to choose from). I'll upload Andy's full gallery after 7 people have done this.

IMPORTANT - if you're one of the many, reading this thinking "I'll let someone else vote on the posts they like", you'll probably never get to see Andy's gallery, because chances are everyone else will be thinking the same thing as well. It doesn't take much effort to click on 5 "thumbs up" icons, so give a little back and show some appreciation to those who have posted the fantasies that you think are the sexiest.

When voting for your 5 or more fantasies, please be sure to pay particular attention to fantasy scenarios posted by contributiors other than me - they have come up with some really good ideas and deserve some recognition in the form of a simple "thumbs up".

Want Andy's gallery, but not turned on by any of the 4 fantasy scenarios involving him? Then vote for at least 5 other scenarios and send me a PM to let me know that you would like his gallery uploading.

You'll find the sample pics of Andy on the 5th page of the Fantasy Game.


There are now over 60 horny fantasy scenarios to be explored on 5 sexy pages involving TBW boys and boys who are so cute that they should be TBW boys. Read them, check the horny pictures and vote for the ones you like by clicking on the "thumbs up" icon below the sexiest posts.

Just a reminder when voting that you're voting for the scenarios that you think would make sexy videos and/or photo galleries. You're not voting for the literary brilliance of any particular post, so short scenarios are as deserving as your vote as longer ones and poorly spelled or otherwise badly written ones are as deserving of a "thumbs up" as ones written with perfect English. Similarly don't vote for a fantasy just because you like the horny pics posted with it. Do, however, feel free to comment on any fantasies if you want to applaud a player for his writing skills or the amount of effort he has clearly put into his fantasy or his excellent choice of pics, etc.


Become a Player

Of course the best way to play the game is by contributing your own horny fantasy (or few ;-) ).

Your fantasy can be as short or as detailed as you want. Single sentence fantasies such as "I would like to see an explicit photogallery showing Ambert jacking off and sticking a dildo into his young butt" are warmly received and an excellent idea too (are you listening, TBW? lol)

Of course full pieces of erotic fiction are also welcome! :-P

Your horny  photo contributions are welcome but not essential.


Play Anonymously

Send your fantasies to me if you would like them posting without anyone knowing that they came from you.

You can also send them to me if you are not confident writing in English and want someone to correct any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Once I've made any corrections, I'll either send your fantasy back to you (so you can get credit for it when you post it) or I'll post it for you (if you want to contribute it anonymously).

Thank You's

Thank you as ever to my supplier of these galleries (who prefers to remain anonymous), thank you to the photographer for taking the pics, thank you to the sexy boys in this upload, and thank you to those of you generous to donate some of your seed bonus. :-)

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