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Original upload: 2008-09-09 |
I meant to do this this morning. I swear.

We have two clips from the Ben Archer Collection today. In the first one, Ben is a college professor taking advantage of one of his students. (SO SHORT! ACK!) The student decides to have someone "secretly" (not so secretly that he can't wander into the room and join in when he gets horny, apparently) film him to turn the tables. But clever Ben turns the tables right back! Oh, Ben!

The second clip has Ben (wearing what I'm sure will go down in history as the gayest tank top ever worn) walking in on his partner, who is being aroused by some pictures. After some cleverly flirtatious dialogue, they do porn stuff.

Clip 3 is in moonspeak so I have no idea what's going on between this man and boy. I know there's a calendar with a day marked off, so if you have a combination daddy/son and calendar fetish, this one's for you.

That's all for tonight. Expect more tomorrow.
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