Repayment, Master Lukas - BUB

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Part 1

Starring: Lukas & Zak

Zak must repay debt owed to Master Lukas by being his personal slave-boy. “You’re gonna be my bitch!” Master Lukas yells, smacking his blind-folded prize with the leather flogger. Zak screams. Soon, the slave is stripped of his clothing revealing his massive 9” cock. Lukas couldn’t be more pleased with his slave.

Part 2

Starring: Lukas & Zak

Slave-boy Zak is blindfolded and forced to his knees by Master Lukas. “How are you going to get me my money if you don’t have it?” Master Lukas asks, whipping the slave with the leather flogger. “We’re just going to have to find another way for you to repay me!” Zak is terrified. Now, Master Lukas grabs the boy by his massive cock, fondling him through the cock ring he’s wrapped around his slave’s phallus. “Ah!” Zak screams as he’s pushed to the ground. Now it’s time to secure the slave with rope.

Part 3

Starring: Lukas & Zak

Master Lukas has his slave bound face-down in the dirt. “Arch your back!” he demands as Zak struggles to lift his ass into the air. The boy is then beaten relentlessly with the leather crop. “I’ll get you your money back, just give me a little time!” Zak begs his dominating Master. “It’s too late for that!” Master Lukas replies, continuing to beat the boy into submission before flipping him onto his back.

Part 4

Starring: Lukas & Zak

Slave-boy Zak is brutally whipped with the leather flogger before Master Lukas moves on to electrocution torture. “Arch that back!” Lukas demands, shocking his slave through his cock-ring. Zak screams. The jolts are intense. If that wasn’t enough for the boy, Master Lukas turns the device to the highest power, zapping the boy repeatedly before beating him with the whip.

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