♺ The Back Row (1972) [Hand-in-Hand Films-Hand-Bob Anthony Studio-Bijou]

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-11-03 |
This was requested in one of my groups right after it had been posted.

Unfortunately, the poster had used a file sharing service that apparently gives paid subscribers files the shelf life equal to the half-life of the element Copernicium (97 milliseconds to 8.9 minutes).

Fortunately I have a dear friend who happened to have the original 1972 Jerry Douglas version on hand.

Best of all, I did not need to fix this one in anyway whatsoever!
It was perfect!
I can only take credit for the preview, research and artwork.
My compliments to the person who did the VHS Rip, whoever you may be!

I will not go into my opinion of that person as it would distract from this post.
Rather I will simply say that almost any remake is never as good as the original.

The best example I can give is to compare the original mainstream movie "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" (1962) with the made for T.V. version that came out in 1991.
Betty Davis and Joan Crawford compared to the Redgrave Sisters?
Need I say more? (Albeit, I would rather watch the Redrgraves over Chi Chi hands down!)

(Note: In fairness, I did not censor the reviews below to reflect my own opinion)

I do want to thank both the person(s) who requested this version and especially the friend who provided it to me for sharing.

I am not so sure I would have found this on my own thus without them I would have missed out on a real treat!

If you would like a preview you can view the one I made, streamed from my own site here:

Info below (the remake has been omitted), details in the NFO file (for the techies!)



The Back Row [Hand-in-Hand Films-Hand-Bob Anthony Studio-Bijou]




George Payne (in his first action modeling) pursues Casey Donovan.
Sold to the public in 6 separate 8mm reels.
Richards used two cameramen and noted that one was not very good. Barry Knight said he could see the difference in the finished product.
While filming a scene with George Payne, Donovan was on a glass table with the camera underneath and the glass broke but Payne kept him from getting hurt.

The Back Row is a simple story of a hot looking man on the prowl. He is looking for anything and everything he can get in the way of man-to-man satisfaction, and he wanders through New Yorks all-male smut movie theaters to find it. ...    Full DescriptionAnd boy, does he find it!

In this incredible one-of-a-kind release, Mr. Douglas original gay pre-condom classic from 1972 has been restored and released on tape for the first time! This film has only been seen in movie theaters before now!

This release is making waves in the world of gay erotica, so be sure to not miss out on a piece of history in the making!

This is the only Robin Anderson video. Stars also making their debut in this video: Warren Carlton, Arthur Graham, David Knox, Robert Trista, Chris Villette.



A great story, and a top class movie, in fact so good they made it twice, with an updated version being produced recently. The scene and sex is atmospheric, and has a raw exciting edge, set in New York. Casey Donovan is gorgeous, and his scenes always sparkle.

B.J. Land

George Paynes first film, he follows Casey Donovan into a porn theatre, but can not quite decide what, if anything, he wants to do; Donovan, on the other hand, does quite well for himself in this film directed by Doug Richards (aka Jerry Douglas). Also stars Chris Villette, Robert Tristan, Warren Carlton, Robin Anderson, Arthur Graham, and David Knox. Not to mention a very Midnight Cowboy -sounding theme song.

Recommended as an example of the early art of gay porn.

My View (A1)


This two-tape box set includes the 1972 classic The Back Row and the 2001 remake of director Jerry Douglas (directing under the pseudonym Doug Richards) gay homage to Midnight Cowboy so viewers can compare and contrast the consistency of the gay urban lifestyle within the changing times. Viewers might wax nostalgically about the halcyon days of yore, but the bottom line is that though time marches on, things really do not change significantly. The 1972 incarnation of The Back Row is a cat and mouse game of cruising and the many aborted attempts for star Casey Donovan and cowboy George Payne to hook-up in the porn theaters, sex shops and t-rooms that comprise the urban environment. As filmmaking goes, this classic is a testament to the creative art prior to the introduction of video, and is storytelling at its finest. Its honest, sincere and totally devoid of the irony that currently runs rampant in todays society. As a documentation of the early 70s, many viewers will be amazed that pierced genitalia is not a 1990s phenomenon, despite the current craze. Hot wax, leather and, yes, even condoms, have a deep rooted history within the gay psyche. Construction worker Chris Villette is a hottie.

For the 2001 version, director Chi Chi LaRue has stuck amazingly faithful to the original. Scene for scene, character for character, location for location, LaRue has recreated The Back Row for the 21st century, including an updated, nom worthy soundtrack by Sharon Kane. Perhaps the only deviation from the original occurs during the bathroom orgy, when the excessive LaRue could not help but to include the ticket seller, increasing the body count by one. Considering the ubiquity of pierced penises both in real life and among porn stars, it is strange that Danny Lopez is cast in the role that originally included the body ornamentation. The eerie appearance of the twin towers will help to date the 2001 version for future generations.

Reviewed Jan 1, 2002 by Dr Mardonov
Critical Rating: AAAA

TLA Video

As millions flocked to theatres to see The Godfather back in 1972, another landmark film was unspooling in theatres as well. (Sure, they were decidedly smaller and seedier theatres, and had a tendency to reek of bodily fluids, but they were theatres nonetheless.) Garnering nowhere the same amount of press, it was a milestone in its own right. That film is Jerry Douglas The Back Row. Seen here for the first time in nearly 30 years, this hilarious (and sexy as hell) pre-condom-era "rub-your-chub" flick is a must for porn fans.

Casey Donovan ( Boys in the Sand; The Other Side of Aspen – Falcon Pac 001) is featured as a dude cruising NYCs all-male smut theatres looking for love (or at least a good hummer); George Payne [pictured below] is the young "guy from Montana" who catches his eye.

Shot on location (wait until you see the vintage subway scene), this fabulously sleazy flick offers some of the most terrifyingly dated clothes you will ever see, a veritable travelogue of now-defunct Times Square porn theatres, truly raunchy tearoom scenarios, a plot-propelling original musical score (whose vocals make Maureen McGoverns sappy ballad "The Morning After" from the same years The Poseidon Adventure seem like punk rock), poppers galore (right here, thank-you-very-much) and enough facials to make any cosmetologist wince.

Amazingly well shot for the time, this first feature from award-winning director Douglas stands as a textbook example of gay erotic filmmaking. Watch it alone or with friends; it is loads of fun – pun definitely intended.

Review by Keeneye Reeves
Rating: 4.0

Rad Video
(Now Defunct)

Don not be turned off by the fact that Jerry Douglas The Back Row was shot in 1972 and that an original soundtrack and score supply all of the sound. The story is enhanced by the music – unlike most contemporary adult gay videos where the score is only an annoyance.

The great Casey Donovan stars as an extremely randy New Yorker, who can not help but to cruise any guy that passes. The bulk of the story revolves around fresh-off-the-bus cowboy George Payne and Donovan. The pair lock eyes and immediately play cat and mouse through the city for the rest of the film.

Early on, we are treated to a popper-crazed oral scene with Robin Anderson and David Knox, set in an adult theater. The latter is in a sailor uniform and gets voraciously sucked by shaggy haired Anderson. Later, after Payne has trailed Donovan all the way into a sex toy shop, Payne fantasizes about a leather-enhanced Donovan. The two jerk off separately, while eyeing each other.

Back in a different theater, Payne and Donovan watch a movie (sitting apart from each other) while sharing a joint. As they get high, they have hallucinations about how they are on the screen having sex, instead of the actors (Arthur Graham and Robert Tristan). The scene is intentionally murky, as it is two sex scenes blended together. Donovan tops the nicely muscled and smooth Payne.

Finally, we get the big finale, set in the basement bathroom at the theater. Donovan joins Chris Villette and Warren Carlton for a heated three-way enhanced with candle wax, strap-ons and cum eating. Oy! Donovan tops both men.

If you are a fan of "classic" era films, pre-condom videos, or the works of Jerry Douglas, you really can not go wrong with The Back Row.

Review by Bryan Holden
Rating: 3.5/5.0 (1972)

Stars: Arthur Graham, Casey Donovan, Chris Villette, David Knox, George Payne, Robert Tristan, Robin Anderson, Warren Carlton

Director: Jerry Douglas (as Doug Richards)

Released: 1973/1974


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