Jet Set Men - Hollywood Sex Club

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DescriptionJet Set Men - Hollywood Sex Club  (2008)
Cast:  Aaron James, Cam Kurtz, Cooper Neumann, Jason Reddick, Jonathan Lowe, Luke Riley, Sean Preston, Sebastian Young, T.J. Young, Tyler Saint
Director:  Andrew Rosen
Screenwriter:  Andrew Rosen
Country:  US
Length: 2 hr
Year: 2008
Studio :  Jet Set Men

"Two drunken straight buddies "stumble" into a renowned gay Hollywood sex club, and end up giving into their deep-seated desires to have sex with another guy - and each other. These hot young Hollywood guys are on the prowl for their own piece of the action.

Aaron can't quite handle the idea of going into the male sex club The Zone, but his friend Jason, who appears to have designs on Aaron, drags him inside. The two studs no sooner gain entrance then they find hot Hollywood guys all around them, on the prowl for their own piece of the action. Passing various guys in the hall, they head off up the stairs. Jonathan just broke up with his boyfriend, so he's definitely on the prowl. His blond friend Luke, already stripped to the waist, heads into the toilet to pee and finds super hung Cam.

Cam eyes Luke's semi-hard penis admiringly as Luke stands at the urinal taking his time. Luke's definitely looking for some hot action. As soon as Luke is finished and getting hard, Cam goes down on him. He licks and sucks on Luke's up-curved erection and lovingly works it and his balls. Pulling Luke's pants down, Cam continues, now getting his face fucked. He removes his own shirt and pants so that Luke and can really get into it. Sitting on the edge of the sink, he gets his incredibly long uncut dick worked over.

The action cuts to a hall at this point to reveal Jonathan, who is definitely on the prowl. He sees a hot looking Tyler sitting with his shirt off nearby. Tyler sees Jonathan and stands up, unleashing his erect super-cock. That's all that Jonathan needs to see. He heads for Tyler, kneels and goes down on the stud, pushing Tyler's pants even farther down. Tyler has that huge, nearly perfect monument growing between his legs. Jonathan pushes his own shirt up and his pants down and keeps on sucking. Appreciative sounds are coming from somewhere. Jonathan jacks himself off as he works on Tyler. Soon, Jonathan takes his shirt totally off. Tyler turns around and gets Jonathan to rims his ass, suck and lick his dick, balls from the rear. Jonathan is well-hung also, so Tyler gets down to suck on him.

Tyler's dick is throbbing for some fucking action. They stand to kiss, massaging and rubbing each other's big dicks. Tyler lies back on a near-by sofa so that Jonathan can sit facing him and slide Tyler's big fat cock up his butt. He jacks himself off as he rides him. We see more from the rear. Then Tyler gets Jonathan to kneel so that he can fuck him doggie style. The view from beneath - Tyler driving his dick into Jonathan's ass and Jonathan's well-lubed dick and balls bouncing free - is heart stopping. This is definitely what Jonathan came here for. As Tyler power fucks his ass, Jonathan jacks off and his dick just gets bigger and bigger. Then Jonathan rides atop Tyler again, jacking himself some more until he spews cum on Tyler's chest. Tyler jacks himself off in and adds more jizz to his chest.

Back in the toilet, Luke is still going at Cam's cock when Sebastian joins them and just jacks off and watches. Cam looks torn between Luke and Sebastian. The reflections in the mirror at the sink only add to the feeling of group sex. Cam reaches to also play with Sebastian. Luke leans over Cam and goes down on the newcomer. Cam pulls Luke's shorts down to play with his ass as continues to suck Sebastian. Cam wants it all so he drops to his knees between his friends to suck on both of them. Sebastian pulls his shirt off to reveal his muscular and heavily tattooed torso. When Cam sucks on Luke, Luke plays with Sebastian. Cam greedily sucks on both guys, walrus-like, at the same time. Luke, for whatever reason, takes off, which gives Sebastian the opportunity to suck on Cam's big sausage. Not wanting the night to end in the toilet, they both leave without climaxing and wander around.

Cam finds a new friend on the prowl, T.J. Right to the point, he tells Cam to take his clothes off. He does so and bends over to get his ass licked. He's still hard. T.J. slips one, then two lubed fingers into Cam's ass, followed shortly by his dick. They fuck in this position first, then with Cam on his back. T.J.'s style of fucking is the exact opposite of Tyler's. He adopts an easier in and out motion that seems to work just fine. As T.J. is fucking away on Cam, Sebastian and Luke come from out of the dark to get in on the action, just in time for Cam to shoot a big load.

Aaron and Jason continue to escape the all male action and settle on a couch in a sitting area to check out some porn magazines. Well, so much for escaping. Sebastian is now fucking Luke as he kneels to sucks on T.J. Cam cut out after he shot. Flipping over on his back, Luke continues to get rammed by Sebastians's big throbber and T.J jacks off watching. Luke responds to Sebastian's pounding by jacking off and cumming on himself. Luke works some more on T.J., licking and sucking from underneath, causing him to blow. Sebastian finally erupts on Luke.

Aaron has fallen asleep on the sofa. Sean, sporting a thin beard, joins the guys and, looking for some action, suggests going down on Aaron and giving him a blow job. Jason and Sean manage to get Aaron's dick out, and Sean goes for it. Aaron may be dozing, but he still seems to be loving it. Jason wants proof that this is happening to he takes some cell phone pictures. Sean asks Jason if his friend Aaron likes his ass licked and rimmed. They manage to turn him over and get his pants off. As Sean works on him, Aaron ecstatically moans, "Oh baby, you've never done that before. I like it." Well, there's a first time for everything. Sean remarks about Aaron's great ass and then turns to Jason and asks, "How about you? You want your dick sucked?" He sucks on Jason's big dick, and suggests he might be more comfortable with his shirt off.

In the very next shot Jason is totally naked and moaning how great the blow job feels. "This is amazing." Sean's totally turned on, his dick popping out of his jeans. He continues to suck Jason and jack himself off at the same time. They then decide Aaron might like to get fucked and settle him face down on the arm of the sofa, his legs spread wide. A condom goes on, and Sean pushes and works his way in. Aaron has a tight ass, and Sean is big. As Sean fucks him, Aaron moans, "Baby, I love you." After a long session, Jason and Sean both jack off and one by one cum on Aaron's back. He is still out of it, so they flip him over. Sean does the honors and jacks him off until he shoots his load.

Finally, Aaron's clothes are back on, and the two buddies head for the door. "We sure had fun tonight," Aaron says. "Come on," Jason says, "Your wife is waiting for you." Aaron must wonder what that strange new feeling is down below and why he's walking funny."
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