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You own me - gangsterfuck.com

Christian owes Rick some money for dope. When they meet in the park Rick literally freaks out, grabs the boy and leads him to his apartment. There he ties him well. Rick wants his money back. And as the boy is broke he gets offered to pay with his body. The young weed-head rejects but a few minutes later he is already naked and gets his cock fondled and sucked.

Christian can´t understand his buddy anymore. He has to kneel down in front of the sofa with his ass naked. Rick takes off his clothes and grabs the restrained guy. He gives him a hiding and fondles his hole. He spanks the guy till the cheeks are really red. The weed-head struggles a lot but a few moments later he feels Rick´s finger in his ass.

What a beautiful butt. Rick grabs Christian and puts the already tied guy over the table. He pushes a black dildo deep inside the boy´s hole. Christian struggles and tries to free himself but no chance. The pain is enormous as the plug fits perfectly. Now Rick wants a good blow-job and pushes his huge dick fiercely inside Christian´s throat. He gags and chokes but still he has to suck.

Christian sucks like a bitch. His hole is stretched by the dildo. A good time now to deflower him. Helplessly he has to see how Rick puts his dick inside his cherry. He cries and moans but this time he gets really fucked. And to make him not forget this lesson he gets a golden shower after all. Maybe now he understands that it is better not to screw his dealer.

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