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From Archie Comics in PDF format - Kevin Keller, Issue 2

This is the second issue in the new Kevin Keller Series.  Kevin is an openly gay Senior attending Riverdale High and has been welcomed into the familiar gang of Archie Comic characters, Archie, Veronica, Ronnie, Betty, Jughead and Moose.

In this issue a big birthday party is planned for Kevin's Dad, Tom.  As the gang prepares Mrs. Keller brings out the family foto album and Veronica gets Kevin to fill in his childhood and his roaming life as the child of an Army Colonel.  Touching, sweet, we see Kevin as a Grammar School nerd and meet his two best school buddies, making up the Three Muskateers!  He is a track star and comes to the aid of a young student being bullied giving the bully a taste of his own medicine.  The birthday party progresses and everyone joins in.  Happy Birthday, Colonel Keller!

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